Colt Is A Genius

Okay, well, maybe that title is an exaggeration. Colt’s not a genius. But he HAS proved to be extremely trainable and has a very good memory, which is good enough for me.

I jumped on him last week for a short lesson with Anne. (In this heat, everything has to be a short lesson.) He was extremely well behaved in the barn, which is still kind of blowing my mind. The same horse that was constantly pulling back, whinnying, and dancing around nervously stood tied quietly while he was groomed and tacked up. He didn’t offer any problems taking the bit into his mouth. He picked up all four feet to be picked out and even tolerated a pair of sports medicine boots on his front legs. He was pretty good under saddle, too. Colt’s walk work is consistently good. He gets on the bit and into a frame, listens well, and bends nicely. Last week was no exception. We did a bit of trot work, and at one point he rooted downward, let out out a crowhop I was not prepared for, and I flipped right off. (Anne guessed his behavior was due to the nearby miniature horse stallion tearing around his paddock at top speed, bucking.) Colt seemed totally puzzled as to how I got on the ground and was good when I climbed back on. He finished up the lesson well, without any more incidents and with some good work.

Today I met Kyla at the barn. Baby Cal threw a shoe last week and is out of commission until the farrier comes on Tuesday, so I lent her Moe. I rode Colt. Kyla was in love with Moe, who was just as darling as could be- he got on the bit, gave her a lovely, big trot, and a very reasonably paced canter.

Colt was fabulous; he was forward without being out of control, fairly balanced, and very obedient. His trot work today was on the same level as last week’s, only better. It’s like he remembers the things he did the very, very best, the things I praised and patted him for, then only does those things the next time he’s ridden. His new bridle (which I’ll post of a picture of and perhaps review at a later date) is a hair big (I don’t know how this is possible), but fits pretty well and makes him look handsome.

While Colt might not be the brightest or most motivated horse, I have an entirely new appreciation for what’s going on in that big, dopey head of his.

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