I have been doing zero interesting things with Gina (or Moe) lately; Gina jumped some more jumps over the weekend, and my friend Veronica visited the barn. I’ve been dedicated to upping my 20-meter circle game and practicing canter departures in anticipation for an upcoming schooling show. It is very boring in my neck of the woods.

Roscoe & Gina are not amused.

However, many of my fellow equestrian bloggers are finally thawing out from winter, planning out show schedules, and generally having a more interesting life than I am. As I’ve perused blogs this week, it struck me that I am a total creeper on many of your blogs. I read your blog, I probably follow you on Instagram, I may have found you on Twitter, but I rarely (or never) comment on your blog! It’s not because you aren’t interesting, I promise. It’s because I usually don’t have anything useful to say, or feel silly saying “I’m glad you had a good ride!” But rest assured, I am reading. (Is this weird yet?)

You can find a slightly out-of-date list of blogs I subscribe to in the “Friends” section, but here’s a list of those I really enjoy reading, but somehow never manage to comment on:
A Blonde, Brunette, and A Redhead– I absolutely love reading about the dressage adventures of Em and Abercrombie. Their recent time spent in Florida has been neat to read about; I found myself frequently fantasizing about the weather.
A Gift Horse– Y’all, I have met Genny and she is fabulous. She and O are a team who are fun and enjoyable to read about; I love her positive attitude!
Bay With Chrome– Karen posts pictures of her Dachshund for Weenie Wednesday. WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! I mean, yeah, she blogs about horses, too, but WEENIES.
Bel Joeor–  Amanda writes in a funny, real way- when I read her blog, I feel like I’m chatting with a friend. 
Pampered Ponies– Aoife’s blog is full of sweet pictures of her mares, Kika and Nancy, as well as stories of time in the saddle. Always a great read; another blogger who feels like a friend!
There are loads more, because I subscribe to a silly number of blogs and creep on most of them! What about y’all?

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17 thoughts on “Creepin’”

  1. haha i was the creeper for a lonnnnnggg time before starting my blog too – and now i'm that silly commenter who always chirps 'glad you had a good ride!'

    tho, like you, i follow a ridiculous # of blogs lol (a list that somehow seems to grow every day) … who knew there were so many?

    1. I LIKE that commenter! I want to BE that commenter! But I always think "oh god, this person is going to think I am stupid because these other 5 people had useful suggestions".

      I had no idea there were so many horse blogs until I started seeking them out- there are a TON!

  2. Interestingly enough, I didn't find your blog until Bloggers Weekend happened! Even though I didn't actually go to Austin, I already followed all the other blogger's blogs but yours was the only one I didn't read yet! I'm a fellow creep because I follow you on IG 🙂

    1. You know, when you started following me on IG (and vice versa), I was like 90% sure I read your blog!! And I kept wondering why it wouldn't show up in Feedly. And then I checked, and I wasn't subscribed after all! And then I felt dumb! And used too many exclamation points!

  3. <——professional creeper, very occasional commenter.

    I'm dumb (lazy?) and have pretty much been using Emma's blogroll as my blog link aggregator for like the past year………the shame.

    Sometimes I find a blog I really like but then I forget about it for a while and then I get really sad when I stumble across it again and realize I have missed out on a bunch of posts/updates. I really need to subscribe to some kind of RSS feed, there are just too many blogs I like to read…

  4. I creep a lot of them too…I try to comment occasionally, but like you, I don't always feel like I have much to contribute so mostly I stay silent and (quietly) enjoy the updates 🙂

  5. I have been trying really hard not to be a ghost follower! So maybe my comments are pointless, but I think it is great to know someone actually reads your posts, whether or not they have anything interesting to say!

  6. I creep, I comment, sometimes I read and plan to comment later and don't, and more often than not just comment something that starts with "Yay!"
    I leave the real contributions to those with the "know how" but also know how nice it feels to get little comments here and there!

  7. I always feel like I should comment on stuff but… You run out of this to say! We need Like and Dislike buttons! And I wouldn't argue with having the cute Facebook stickers too!

  8. I'm a non-blogger and try not to creep/lurk here, because of my Deep Insights into your horses. And because Roscoe makes the occasional appearance. So, I can only add that I'm pretty sure in this photo that Roscoe is asleep.

  9. Aw shucks girl! I'm honoured to make that list and 100% consider you a friend too. *hugs*
    I try to comment on all the blogs I follow as i love getting comments so i assume everyone does lolz

  10. Total creeper here. But I am trying to make more of an effort to comment, especially when bloggers ask questions of their readers.

  11. Hey I just found your blog – thanks for this! I have been out of touch for about a year and a lot of the blogs I used to follow (like me) stopped blogging. But now I'm back and I need more reading material! Thanks!!

  12. Hey I just found your blog – thanks for this! I have been out of touch for about a year and a lot of the blogs I used to follow (like me) stopped blogging. But now I'm back and I need more reading material! Thanks!!

  13. With you on the creeping, especially because I go for days without reading because or work/life/whatevs and then feel weird commenting days later while catching up on everybody. AND THANK YOU I LOVE WEENIES TOO!

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