Cross country video


Johnny sent along the video he got of Moe and I going cross country at the show a couple of weeks ago. It’s just the last four jumps and about a minute long, so don’t get too excited.

Moe looks like he’s having fun, and not at all like a decrepit senior horse! As usual, I am doing too much with my hands and upper body. Duly noted and added to my endless list of Things To Work On, Right Now.

Author: Stephanie

Equestrian, amateur cook, people person.

14 thoughts on “Cross country video”

  1. You guys look fantastic! !!!! Good job! He doesn’t have any idea at all that he’s a senior citizen!!! What a man!

  2. He looks so incredibly happy and locked on, like he’s having the time of his life! Senior, my butt. Shaking a hoof at all the younguns.

  3. You both look great! I’m impressed. I’m terrified to jump anything that doesn’t fall down.
    Moe has a great jump! Look at those knees!

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