Day 382

Gina is still pregnant; today is day 382 of gestation. I receive at least one text a day from friends or family members who want to know if she’s foaled and how she’s doing.

My vet was out about a week and a half ago to see a couple of horses at my neighbor’s place. She offered to take a look at Gina while she was in the neighborhood just to make sure everything looked normal. Via ultrasound, she saw that the foal was very active (it kicked her several times) and had a normal heartbeat. She also noted that the foal wasn’t in the birth canal yet. Sigh.

Which one is pregnant?

She texted the reproductive specialist vet who’d done most of the breeding work on Gina; the reproductive specialist assured my vet (and me) that she was completely unconcerned and wouldn’t be surprised at all if Gina went for 400 days. Sigh.

Gina also seems completely unconcerned. She eats heartily, lumbers around with Candy and Moe, and splashes in the pond when it’s hot. Her bag is full, but not huge. She tolerates me poking and prodding her morning, evening, and late at night. I’m trying to be zen about the whole thing- the foal will come when it’s ready.

To pass the time (and reassure myself everything is fine), I’ve been reading about gestation in mares. Did you know colt foal pregnancies are significantly longer than fillies? (source) Or that it’s fairly common for foals to be born after 370 days? (source)

At any rate, rest assured that I will blog about it and post about it on Facebook and Instagram once the happy event has occurred!

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11 thoughts on “Day 382”

  1. I remember many years ago on COTH someone had a mare go 411 days. It was nuts. The foal was small and a little dysmature, but otherwise fine. I don’t think my blood pressure could take a gestation that long!

  2. Man, oh, man! Fingers crossed it’s sooner than later. Maybe the act of writing about it will make her give birth?

  3. I think I refresh instagram and your blog at least once a day at this point. Every time I think, she MUST have foaled by now… and every time I am wrong. I can’t imagine how you are feeling!

  4. Poor you! I would have been so mad if Jetta held onto her foal for that long. Gina must be cooking up a good baby though!

  5. I went past my due date with my second daughter, so basically me and Gina are besties.

  6. Dang Gina! I do not think I would have any hair left if my mare went that long. She only went about 11 mo and a week or so. Horses, man. They do what they want! Hurry up foal, you don’t want to wait till the heat of the summer!

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