Derby canceled; Stephanie sad

The facility hosting next weekend’s event derby that I was aiming Gina for has canceled the show, citing the manager’s hectic travel schedule as the reason. (They felt like there was inadequate time to prepare the facility.) While I appreciate the notice, and that they want to have a safe and successful show, I am also very disappointed that I won’t get to take Gina there!

There’s still the Sport of Kings Challenge at Remington Park in Oklahoma City the following weekend, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to go. Johnny and I have friends coming in from out of town on July 4 and we’re planning to dedicate the last week of June to finishing our master bathroom renovation. (You know, so four adults don’t have to share one bathroom all weekend.) Fingers crossed I can sell Johnny on a Sunday horse show.

If I go to SoKC, the question turns into “What do I enter Gina in?”, as the dressage and jumper classes are at the same time on the same day. Gina is a total dressage boss, but I’m not about memorizing 5 different tests. Gina is a good clean jumper, but I’m still not sure how she’ll do in public at a show, or if she’d even do well. (She’s not super fast!)

Anyway. I’m sad the event derby is canceled, but hopefully I can get G out to school some XC locally and, of course, we’ll carry on with our schedule and be ready for the next one!

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