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Good news, y’all! Yours truly is no longer unemployed! Or rather, yours truly is no longer under-employed teaching the occasional riding lesson and training the occasional horse.

Starting Monday, I’ll be the web manager for my local tack store The Horse of Course! When I was in to browse saddle pads a few weeks ago, I noticed they were hiring. I applied, and thanks to a well-placed call from a friend with a contact there, I was granted an interview.

I’m really excited, but also a little nervous. It’s a full time position, but has flexible hours. The barn is now a solid 45-60 minute drive away; I think as long as I get up bright and early, I’ll be able to ride before work. After all, someone has to keep Freddie in line and feed Moe cookies.

Speaking of Freddie, I got a hack in on her this afternoon. She was excellent in the arena, all softness and bends and little baby lateral movements. I headed outside for a walk around the hay meadow with our friends Holly and Sundance for company; Freddie was a real gem for about five minutes. Then she went from calm and happy to omgomgomg bolt now wut! in approximately 30 seconds. 
I don’t have a clue as to what set her off. Perhaps Sundance was too far behind her? Maybe the grass was extra tickly today? At any rate, Fred spent some time on a tiny circle and sidepassed for the better part of the walk back to the barn. We went back to work in the indoor arena for about 10 minutes, where she was cool as a cucumber. I’ll just file today under “learning curve” and leave it at that.

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  1. Holly and Sundance would have been closer if Holly wasn't having to fight with Sundance every five steps to keep his enormous head up. The hay meadow is full of tall tastiness. We'll do better next time!

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