Dispatches from the H/J show

Dispatches from the H/J show

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I’ve been in Oklahoma City since Tuesday at the GO Hunter/Jumper Show with the tack trailer. Shows with the trailer are generally fairly boring- after getting everything set up for the day, I sit and wait for customers. At H/J shows, they trickle in throughout the day between classes. All the waiting means prime people watching, so when I’m not reading, that’s what I’m doing.

Stray observations

  • There’s so much longeing! Small children, grooms, trainers, riders- everyone longes indiscriminately! Some horses plod around the circle looking like they’re half-asleep, but I’ve seen a few wild buckers.
  • Every kid in the place seems to have a scooter, or a bike, or both. They whiz around at top speed; some kids last night were weaving in and out of my display until I gave them an ugly look.
  • Oklahoma City is just about the ugliest place I’ve ever been.
  • Hearing teenagers talk about their custom Samshield helmets while trying on GPAs never fails to make me feel poor.
  • A teen who looked like she was sucking on a lemon got super excited about some black glitter spur straps. She said, “I’m buying these! My trainer will hate them, but I don’t care, because I’m a jumper! I can wear crazy stuff now!” I told her I was an eventer, and she gave me a disgusted look and said, “Oh, that’s why everything in your trailer is so wild.” (For the record, we have black and navy coats, tan breeches, and mostly white show shirts…)
  • What’s up with kids in jods wearing shadbelly coats? Do they have some kind of miniature hunter derby?
  • Is longeing in double side reins a thing now?
  • Hunter readers, are you guys wearing black coats? Navy coats? Is anyone wearing colored shirts any more?

13 thoughts on “Dispatches from the H/J show”

  • I think I have a friend heading there this weekend!
    They may have a pony derby there, but the kids will also wear shadbelly’s for a classic.
    I’ve never seen double side reins! But people are crazy.
    I wear mostly black and navy coats. Hunter green is having a moment again though too. I just ordered a new green coat. (oops.) And not much on the colored shirts these days. I see them trying to come back with fancy new retailers like La Fash, but I don’t think it’s really happening. I’ve kept my colored shirts in the closet though… they’ll probably be back eventually.


    • Little kids in jods and shads look very, very silly. But maybe that’s because I’m just used to seeing them on adults riding dressage?

      I saw someone in a hunter green coat- we have some ANCIENT ones at the store that I’ll have to load up on when I go home on Monday. 😉

      I kind of hope colored shirts make a comeback…

  • DOUBLE side reins? What even in the what now? Also, what is the point of longeing a half-dead horse if you’re going to let it stumble around? Wake the damn thing up!

    Ah, hunters.

    • I did a double take when I saw the double side reins! And my least favorite is when the half-dead horse is chased around by someone flapping a plastic bag at it to get it to go faster. *sigh*

  • I’m a hunter and I have a blue and purple shirt to go with my brown jacket. I figure my horse is a boring color, so I get to be fun. 🙂 As for pony derbys/classic, dear load watch out for the drama!

  • I watched the hunters at an A show around here last weekend and it was mostly navy and black jackets, and everyone had a white shirt. Which makes me sad because I used to love all my color combos and had so many shirts and jackets when I did the hunters. I also wore a shad with jodphurs on my pony way back when for M&S classics. So it’s probably for classics or for a pony derby. I kind of think it’s adorable. I do not miss all the lunging though….

  • I have a pink show shirt and grey jacket I will wear when I return to hunter land. I wore a goddamned AQUA show shirt for dressage, color ain’t stoppin me!

  • Ahhhh! In my show days, SO long ago, it was navy coat/white shirt! I finally have another horse that might make it to a show someday, I wanna wear a colored shirt!!!!

  • I love the classic look of a navy coat + white shirt, not gonna lie. Colors are cute if you’re under the age of like 12, but I don’t think I could bring myself to do it.

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