Dressage Show

I’ve been searching for a low-key schooling show to enter The G in for a couple of months; I want to get her some exposure before we try a horse trial. She was allegedly a show horse before I acquired her, but she was also allegedly a jumper and we’ve all seen how that’s worked out.

Green Country Dressage, the local chapter of the Oklahoma Dressage Society, has a fairly busy fall calendar with lots of opportunities for getting The G out of the barn and into the arena. The show that’s physically closest to where G is boarded is on Sunday, September 25. Because I’m trying to keep this low-cost, that’s where we’re headed.

Here’s the class (test?) list. I haven’t decided if I’ll enter her for two tests, or go ahead and try to conquer all three from the Training division. It’s something I’ll discuss with Anne (and my bank account).

At any rate, I’m super pumped that the big bay mare and I will be competing in a month! If she does well (by which I mean ‘has a passable attitude and acts like she knows how to get on the bit’), I will definitely enter us in the Southern Hills Riding Academy Horse Trials in November. If she doesn’t, we’ll work all winter and be ready to go in the spring. I’m optimistic. 🙂

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