Dressage test video

Thanks to No Hour Wasted‘s mad video skillz, I have a video of Gina’s lovely dressage test. What is my right hand doing? How can I make it look like I don’t have T-Rex arms? Do you think the judge liked my neon orange fleece jacket??

And now on to schooling show championships in November!

Author: Stephanie

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8 thoughts on “Dressage test video”

  1. Gina is such a FANCY mover! You guys did great! My comment is nitpicky for the level, but something that might help you out. It looks like Gina is the Queen of popping her haunches out (especially on the long wall). I don't know if you already do, but I would start introducing her to leg yielding and shoulder-fore to give you the tools to position her body a little straighter. To me, it looks like she's pushing against your inside leg aids and only bending her neck, not her body. (Does that make sense?) The shoulder-fore and leg yields should get her to start working away from your inside leg a little better. Just a thought!

    P.S. I think the judge totally loved your orange jacket. It 100% improved your test. 😉

    1. Thanks for the feedback! The lateral work will DEFINITELY help Fancy Pants G stay straighter- I always try to incorporate some of it into our schooling, but it seems like I'm always using the spiral in/out on a circle exercise instead of like…anything else. I don't know why- I suppose it's easier for me? I'll have to try to be more disciplined and start practicing work on straight lines!

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