Early Morning Ride

I woke up at 5 AM this morning, full of energy and motivation to head to the barn and ride. This is pretty rare; although I usually intend to ride before work (aka the only free time I have), I never seem to get up before my second alarm goes off at 6:45.

The morning was lovely and cool, and as I headed out to the barn, I decided I’d grab Gina and record a time for SprinklerBandit’s Two Point Challenge. However, Princess Pony couldn’t be bothered to be caught. Being short on time, I grabbed Colt instead and decided we’d work on bending.

Colt was a superstar- I only had to threaten to beat him once, when he started to balk backwards when I came at him with a saddle pad. He put in some really good work today. As long as I stayed relaxed and kept my outside hand steady, Colt chewed on the bit and thought about what he was doing. He had some beautiful moments of collection and bending- we only rode for about half an hour, but it was time well-spent.

I didn’t want to trot him around in two point, for fear of confusing him. (He’s really not the brightest horse.) So sadly, I don’t have a time to report in the Two Point Challenge. Embarassingly, it’s been 5 days since S.B. posted about it and I signed up. My plan is to get up tomorrow and catch Gina come hell or high water and get that time posted!

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