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I’m not a big jewelry person. I like it in theory, but always feel so ridiculous wearing it that I take most of it off before leaving the house. Day to day, I wear a pair of pearl stud earrings and a stainless steel Victorinox Swiss Army watch. (I cannot say enough good things about the watch.) Every now and then, I’ll swap the watch for a simple leather or cord bracelet or add a necklace, but I am really, really not a jewelry person. For a long time, I’ve known that an engagement ring is just not for me.

Because I am a practical person, I asked Johnny for an engagement saddle instead of a ring. He was happy to comply and told me to pick one out. I’d originally thought I’d get a Passier similar to the one my dressage trainer Anne has; I love hers and it always fit my narrow, high-withered horses well. 
…Then I started working at a tack store. With lots and lots of dressage saddles on consignment.
And I found a slightly scruffy King’s Sandringham.

The saddle fits me and the horses very well; it’s in good condition with only some fading. 
Of course, I had to have some accouterments to go with my new saddle! I ended up with a saddle pad. stirrup leathers and irons, a girth, and a set of black rubber reins to replace the hideous web reins my dressage bridle came with. (I also got some Kool Lube and clipper wash, but that’s not as fun as new tack.)
The whole lot was cheaper than a new Passier. Everyone wins! I’m very excited to spend the winter working on my dressage skillz with my shiny new engagement saddle. 

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  1. What an awesome alternative to jewelry. I used to wear rings & earings etc before I got my own horses when taking all that stuff off every day before riding became such a chore!
    An engagement saddle is an amazing idea ☺

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