Equestrian gifts for $20 & under

Christmas always sneaks up on me. It seems like I’m celebrating my birthday at the end of October, and then I’m suddenly scrambling to buy and ship gifts in time for the holidays. This year, I’m trying to get my shopping finished before the end of November. I thought I’d share some fun, affordable gifts I’ve found for my fellow equestrians!


Personalized bookplates from Felix Doolittle, $20: I love Felix Doolittle’s whimsical illustrations, and it doesn’t hurt that they have plenty of equestrian-themed products. Bookplates make a great gift for your friend with an extensive collection of horse books they’re reluctant to loan out. (Ask me how many copies of the D-level Pony Club manual I’ve loaned out and never seen again.)


Bookmarks from Felix Doolittle, $20: These charming bookmarks are sturdy and attractive (I know, I own a set). They’re a fun gift for your friend who’s always reading a vintage horse book that’s unavailable in an e-reader format.

Custom helmet cover

Custom helmet silks from Super XC, ~$20Available in hundreds of combinations, these fun and funky helmet covers are perfect for the eventer in your life. You can choose from over fifty colors, add a pompom (or not), and choose from clovers, diamonds, hearts, lightning bolts, and more for the design. These ship from the UK, so order early to have it by the holidays!

Bridle tags

Engraved bridle tags from Swanky Saddle, $18: Choose a monogram or a name for these small, unobtrusive bridle tags. These make a good gift for someone with multiple strap goods to keep up with for multiple horses. (They’re also useful for making sure the lesson children borrowing your horses don’t grab the wrong bridle.)

Handy bag

Handy bag from Bel Joeor, $15: Amanda of Bel Joeor’s etsy shop has several handy bag designs for you to choose from. These bags are perfect for containing those small, pesky show supplies like safety pins, bobby pins, hairnets, spare medical armbands, and more.

Printable pack

Equine records printable pack from The Printable Pony, $20: We’ve all got a friend whose New Year’s resolution is to be more organized- help them out with this set of 13 personalized record pages! With fun colors and packing lists for everyone from eventers to western riders, this is a gift that’s sure to please.

What are some horsey gifts you like to give (or receive) that don’t break the bank?


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  1. Thanks for this great list – I just bought the dressage “Handy Bag” for my trainer! Excellent price, useful item and I’m happy to support independent sellers.

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