Equestrian social media link up

I’m all about the social media- I use it to keep up with friends, brands and companies I’m interested in, and of course, bloggers I like! Tracy of Fly on Over had a great idea with this link-up.

If you’re interested in following me on various social media channels, here they are:

Facebook: /stejpeck
Instagram: /okequestrian
Twitter: /stejpeck
Google +:  +stejpeck
Pinterest: /stejpeck
Email: stejpeck (at) gmail (dot) com
Bloglovin’: /stejpeck
Goodreads: /stejpeck
YouTube: /stejpeck

I’m not terribly active on Google +, YouTube, or Bloglovin’, but you can typically find me on all the other listed channels. I’m aware email isn’t social media and Goodreads is kind of a niche thing, but if you ever want to contact me, or see which books with horses on the cover I’m reading, feel free!

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