Equestrian summer bucket list

It abruptly stopped raining last week, and just like that, summer arrived. Summer in northeastern Oklahoma is hot and humid. The wind ceases to feel like a cool breeze and begins to feel akin to something poisonous blowing from the yawning gates of hell.  My equestrian activities have a slower pace and less direction. I’m more likely to spend the morning dawdling at the barn, brushing Gina’s tail or scratching Moe’s face instead of riding. In an effort to keep myself motivated this summer, I’ve put together a bucket list of activities I want to do before the temperatures cool and the long days end.


How about you? What’s on your summer bucket list?

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27 thoughts on “Equestrian summer bucket list”

  1. I love this idea. My problem is I hate to plan things out in advance. So I have vague ideas of things I’d like to do (like go to a 2 day event) and do a 25, but no specific plans. I feel like anytime I make specific plans, my mule will immediately injure herself preventing me from doing the thing.

  2. Great list!!! I want to audit another clinic and go watch a dressage show. Thinking lofty, another one might be to go on a trail ride with Harley but that will have to be on the late summer or fall bucket list.

    1. I’m lucky there’s a big Corps of Engineers lake nearby with a network of trails- it’s good for swimming! The hunt usually has a ‘swimming hole day’ during the summer, too, which I know would be fun!

      You should absolutely get to another show!!

  3. Good idea, and great list! I would love to go swimming on horseback, that’s something on my horse bucket list 🙂

    Up here, summers are pretty beautiful and it’s the winters that are harder to get through. I try and come up with a list of goals for every month though to keep myself motivated to ride and keep improving instead of taking the lazy route.

  4. Great list! Oologah is great for horse swimming!! I’m up for that any time!!!
    My list is to:
    Get Venus to lose weight and not die from obesity
    Improve Fiona’s jumping so I don’t have to pray while out hunting
    Improve the 2yr olds manners so she’s not an asshole!
    Not have heat stroke

  5. I’m reallllly hoping to take my baby horse swimming one day but I don’t think it will be this year! I totally want to go horse camping though, those plans are in the making. Can’t wait to hear about everyone’s summer adventures!

  6. Um. I feel your pain with the heat. My rides have been early, about 7am, to try to keep cool. Oklahoma heat is basically like dragon-breathing fire on your face. Maybe you should come to Lake Carl Blackwell to cross one of those off your list 🙂 Not on a 100 degree day…

  7. Oooh, great list! You are decidedly more adventurous than I am — camping is not my thing and while I’d love to go swimming on horseback, my horse stepped into a creek for the first time this week so… I’m a ways away from that, hah!

  8. I have much of the same feelings about summer here right now. It went from cold and wet to HOT and lots of humdity. I can deal with humdity for a day or two if it means a big storm is coming through, but lately it has just been gross, and any rain that makes it across Lake MI falls apart before it gets to do anything.

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