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Safety first, when it comes to fiberglass shower demolition.

Johnny and I have decided that after many years of dating and living together, we are going to get married. While I’m excited about the impending legal benefits and health insurance coverage, I am probably most excited about the actual wedding festivities. Why? We’re having a Kentucky Derby party/wedding!

Lest you think I am forcing my poor, un-horsey significant other into a frenzied, horse-themed affair, it was totally his idea.
As all of our real life friends can attest, we aren’t particularly romantic people. We love each other, sure, but you’re not likely to hear of grand romantic gestures or even see us holding hands. We are relatively level-headed, pragmatic people; the thought of an elaborate wedding is terrifying anathema to us. However, we wanted as many of our friends and family as possible to come celebrate with us. Johnny said, “Why don’t we just have a Derby party wedding?”
And so a Derby party wedding it is. We’ve tentatively planned on having a short, secular ceremony at a friend’s barn, followed by a reception filled with mint juleps, Southern food, and of course, a broadcast of the race. Moe and Gina will be there, of course, decked out in roses and their best leather halters. (Because what’s the Derby if there aren’t some Thoroughbreds?)
Best part: instead of an engagement ring, I get to pick out a dressage saddle. Perfect.

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    1. I'm excited about it- we love hosting the Derby party every year, and it's way more fun to think about this as "giant Derby party" than "awkward ceremony thing"!

  1. Engagement saddle?! Jealous. Your party sounds brilliant. If I lived within two states of you, I'd be fishing for an invitation and I hate weddings as a rule. Congrats!

    1. Thanks! I figured if I had an engagement ring, I would probably lose it at the barn or never wear it for fear of losing it at the barn. If you've ever wanted to up and visit Oklahoma in the spring, you're more than welcome to come haha!

    1. I straight up told Johnny and my mother that the horses were going to the wedding, non-negotiable. Horses have been part of my life for my entire life, so why leave them out now?!

  2. Awesome! Congrats!! Sounds like a super fun idea!

    I was also lucky enough to get an engagement saddle rather than a ring. It is currently (probably will be for a long long time) my favorite thing ever.

  3. Perfect engagement 'ring' and party theme. I might not be able to pull it off, I was the one who skipped senior prom in HS so I could stay home and start my Derby coverage watching at like 6am.

    1. You sound like my friend Holly, who immediately asked me "Uh, there be be wifi at this wedding so I can stream the race!" (I assured her we were planning to make the race itself part of the reception for sure!)

  4. Congratulations! That's freaking awesome! I had a short secular ceremony on the beach and then a small reception with close friends and family. Really, really low-key, because what's the point in dropping all that money?! I'm so excited for you and you'll have to keep us posted on all the details! (I actually just wanted to start searching etsy for tasteful horse invitations and it's not even my wedding.)

    And congrats on the saddle! Good man!

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