Fail Friday: Sunburn edition

Just like every other equestrian out there, the onset of spring and summer means the development of a chic equestrian tan.


I started on this sweet collection of tan lines at Rolex; Sunday’s blazing sun burned my poor arms, despite the copious amounts of sunscreen I’d slathered on that morning. The watch and glove tan have been in the works since at least March, when it was warm enough to wear short sleeves outside. But Willow Draw really topped off this look by giving me a mid-forearm line. I tried in vain to keep the sleeves down on my SmartPak sunshirt, but it was just too damn hot.



Time to find a lighter-weight cross country shirt and some higher-SPF sunscreen!

Author: Stephanie

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11 thoughts on “Fail Friday: Sunburn edition”

  1. I’ve heard really bad things about the SmartPak shirts. Us Texans won’t even consider them as an option for sun shirts. Maybe try Kastel, EIS or Ariat.

    1. OMG it’s hideous; it doesn’t wick moisture or cool well at all. That, combined with the lack of mesh anywhere, makes this the most confusing ‘sunshirt’ I have ever owned.

      1. I don’t think the Smart Pak shirt I have would’ve worked for me in the heat in Kansas, but I don’t mind it here in WA. Love my Kastel shirt though! Occasionally in Kansas I felt a little hot in it, but it felt okay once I was done riding. Probably part of it is that I’m a little claustrophobic so when the fabric gets damp and clingy it really bothers me. Easily solved by going up a size. I’ve found some good deals on EBay for Kastel for when I have enough pennies for another one.

  2. I find I push my sleeves up out of ingrained habit rather than actual feelings of hotness (or maybe I’m just so damn hot I need to show everyone my sexy forearms lol) 😉

  3. so i have that same shirt and really like it… as, just, ya know, a regular collared long sleeve shirt. i like the color and fit and wear it often. except when it’s blazing hot out bc… nope, not at all an appropriate shirt for those conditions lol. i always push the sleeves up on it when it gets hot too, which is obviously not what you want in a sun shirt. womp womp…

    but yea i’m working hard on my equestrian tan collection too. burnt my hands and the tops of my feet to a crisp while wearing a long sleeve kastel and breeches while at a show all day, then got a sweet as glove and t-shirt tan the next day at a hunter pace. it’s probably a very confusing look to the rest of the world lol

  4. I’ve tried Kastel, EIS, and TS, and all three are great, but I think the Kastel and TS were more comfortable and cool for me, and the Kastels are my favorite I think. Although EIS seems to have the most flattering fabric and cut. But yeah, I definitely won’t buy the SmartPak sunshirts. I’ve got all kinds of cool tan lines right now too, from riding, and then trying to tan and even though out and failing horribly.

  5. This year is probably the first year my arms haven’t looked like that. I just bought a ton of cheap Kastels on eBay and wear them all the time. I also burn really easily despite lots of sunscreen.

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