Fashion Friday

For those of you who were curious about that amazing glitter-horse-roses-America orgy tank top, here’s a larger picture of it.

And if you would also like to be super-stylish and amazing, you can find this tank top online at Walmart. (Or possibly at your own Walmart.) For the low price of $9.88, I think we can all afford to be “wild & free”. Who’s ready to wear them to Rolex next year?!

Serious fashion question, though: let’s talk about breeches (again). Now that Oklahoma has finally gotten up to 100 degree days, I am suffering in my breeches, y’all.

I would LOVE any recommendations on lightweight (yet durable) breeches (preferably under $100, because I’m on a limited budget).

Author: Stephanie

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7 thoughts on “Fashion Friday”

  1. I also ride in Kerrits tights when the weather is hot. They are thin and breathable. I have dark colors which is better for sweat stains.

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