Fat leg disappears

I checked Gina’s leg Saturday evening; it was still fat, still cool, and she still wasn’t lame. I cold hosed it for 10 minutes while Johnny groomed Moe. Gina thanked me by slapping me in the face with her wet tail which had come undone from the knot I’d put it in to hose the leg. I didn’t get to the barn on Sunday, and it rained all day Monday.

I was expecting fat leg when I went to the barn yesterday; after some online reading, I’d convinced myself the leg was fat due to an abscess, a snake bite, or allergies. The internet is a terrible place.

Happily, I was greeted by a cheerful Gina with a normal sized leg. I opted to longe her. She was very good, and nothing exciting happened.

Poor, neglected Moe was patiently waiting for me in a stall, eating hay. I haven’t been riding him much, as I was prepping Gina for the now-canceled show this weekend. I also had a few fat Quarter Horses to ride last week for money, as their owner’s work schedule doesn’t allow her to ride much; she asked if I’d ride them for her to tune them up, and offered to pay me. So Moe took a backseat to everyone else. He wasn’t thrilled about it and has spent the last couple of weeks alternating looking very sad with ignoring me.
So I saddled him up today and we spent half an hour doing walk-trot dressage.
He was good, as usual. Moe and Gina will both return to regular scheduling this week; I’ll be aiming both at some shows this fall. The fat Quarter Horses, Chip, Dolly, and Cutter, are also on the rotation for the foreseeable future, so yours truly will be getting some serious saddle time! 

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