Fat Quarter Horse returns

Y’all remember the cute Quarter Horse I was riding over the summer, Cutty?

His owner contacted me last week to ask if I’d come back out and a put a few rides on him as well as give his youthful rider some more lessons. I am delighted to do so; Cutty is a super cute, super lazy horse whose laid back personality makes him a pretty low-stress ride. It sounds like he’s been being naughty and bucking with his rider, so I’ll be putting him back to work and giving him something to think about other than rodeo horse aspirations. 
Cutty’s owner is a super fun lady too, so I’m really excited to get to hang out with her again! Hooray for horse friends!

Author: Stephanie

Equestrian, amateur cook, people person.

6 thoughts on “Fat Quarter Horse returns”

  1. Yay sounds like fun!
    He is a cutie – even if he is being a bit naughty…he must have missed the time he got to spend with you & this is the only way he knew toget you back 🙂

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