Freddie freaks out

After Freddie had a little meltdown in the hay field last week, I decided to keep things low-key for our next few rides.

Ruining a perfectly good photo by shaking her head.

On Sunday, we headed to the outdoor arena for a walk. She’s had some trouble containing her excitement in the outdoor before; she walks quietly for a couple of minutes, then totally spazzes out and tries to run off. She was marginally better on Sunday, by which I mean she walked for about 10 minutes before beginning her nervous jig. I tried to stay relaxed and keep my reins loose so she wouldn’t have anything to pull against. Major fail, as Freddie took that as a sign to trot as quickly as possible. We spent the next half hour having a come-to-jesus about the nature of half-halts and walking. It was ugly, but when she walked an entire lap each direction as well as over some ground poles, we headed back to the indoor to cool out in the shade. Freddie promptly pitched a fit and took off careening around at a canter and bucking. The indoor is very small, so I didn’t feel like I was in any real danger and I sat the temper tantrum until Freddie settled down. Then I closed the gate between the arenas from her back, which didn’t bother her. Weirdo.

Indoor is boring! Need more running!

I rode Tuesday before work, sticking to the indoor this time. Freddie was about the same as she was on Sunday; totally fine for about 10-15 minutes, then totally amped up and ready to run. More careening, more bucking. 

Such noble. So majesty. Much Thoroughbred.

During our Thursday morning ride, Freddie was definitely better. She stayed (mostly) relaxed for our ride; I also shortened it, thinking that maybe 45 minutes was just too long for green bean Fred. I stuck to the indoor and tried to keep her busy with arena figures and walk-trot transitions. She had a few very moments of stretching down and reaching for the bit; I was very happy with her. 

Freddie is proving to be much feistier than I thought she would be! She is pretty sensible, not spooky, and not mean. She’s just very ignorant. I’m currently riding her every other day, and I think having a regular schedule will help her immensely. (Doesn’t it help them all?) 
As long as she doesn’t buck me off and break my good arm before work, I think we’ll be okay.

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  1. Ah the beauty of mares and their random opinions.
    Regular schedule helps us all – glad to hear that all is going well with the job. ☺

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