Friday Five


My time at the seemingly endless hunter/jumper show in the hellhole known as Oklahoma City is drawing to a close, for which I am very grateful. I’m super excited to sleep in my own bed, ride my horses, and spend my evenings hanging out with Johnny instead of drinking Nighty Night tea at 8 PM and falling asleep reading at 9 PM.

Here’s what’s on my radar this week!

ONE Denny Emerson’s DQ joke

If you aren’t following Denny Emerson’s Tamarack Hill Farm on Facebook, you’re missing out. He’s full of wisdom, real talk, and more importantly, jokes. This whole post is worth reading, but the joke is my favorite:

Q: “What do DQs use for birth control?”
A: “Their personalities!”

(My boss is fond of saying that she doesn’t need kids’ apparel on the dressage trailer because dressage riders eat their young.)

TWO 10 Mini Lessons With the US Dressage Team

There are some good nuggets in here; I especially like Kimberly Herslow’s advice of “You never stop riding until you take that last step into the halt. Keep riding for every point you can get.”

THREE Spooks Coral Show Jacket


WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! I can’t even handle how obsessed I am with this jacket. I’m not a jumper, so where would I wear it? I think a better question is where wouldn’t I wear it?! Dressage schooling shows, jumper schooling shows, the grocery store– the possibilities are endless.

FOUR Expenses of the first 21 days of breeding

This is a nice rundown of the vet expenses that can be accrued during the first month of breeding or so; I’ve been looking for a resource like this, because Johnny keeps hassling me about how much it might cost to breed Gina. (I can’t believe he doesn’t want to bankrupt us in a effort to produce a nice sporthorse. God, what a killjoy.)

FIVE NCEA Update on NCAA Equestrian

I’ve written before about my experience on an NCEA equestrian team at the University of Tennessee-Martin; I didn’t go to college with the intention to ride on the team, and I didn’t particularly enjoy the experience. I did enjoy the (small) scholarship, the excellent coaching, and the chance to learn about riding hunters. I’m glad to see the NCAA has tabled the recommendation to remove equestrian as an emerging sport. Some riders work very hard to get a spot on a team, and I think scholarships for equestrian are an excellent opportunity for student to defray the increasing cost of college. After all, not all of us are swimming in money.

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11 thoughts on “Friday Five”

  1. One of the reasons I love foxhunting is you don’t have to ride EVERY step. How freakin exhausting is that shit anyway. When you are galloping cross country riding to the cry of the hounds wind in your face mud flying no one gives a crap what you look like! If you’re on top at the end of the day. You WIN and then get to celebrate with beverages!

  2. That coral jacket hurts my eyes!! Though it would look SUPER cute over a flowy tank with some skinny jeans… I wouldn’t dare step foot in a show ring wearing it! And Denny is my hero.

  3. ROFL at your boss’ joke! That’s hilarious! I follow Denny and Tamarack on FB and he cracks me up every single day.

    I am definitely going to read the article about breeding expenses. Klein’s day is coming. I already have two baby daddys I need to decide between.

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