Friday Five


How is August nearly over?! We’ve been having unseasonably cool weather, so it feels like fall has already arrived in northeastern Oklahoma! No complaints here…

Here’s what’s on my radar this week:

ONE Sorry, Preteens, Horses Are Mean Girls, Too

While you might not expect Jezebel to report on the findings of a horse study, this article is funny and informative, and confirms what all horse people know: mares are cliquey and mean!

TWO B. Vertigo Julia breech


These are part of B. Vertigo’s spring/summer 2016 line, and they are gorgeous. The damask pattern is much more subtle in person- more of a navy on navy than a weird gray/green on navy. They’re also super high waisted, which I’m ambivalent about. The tall, lithe company reps can wear them as a fashion statement, but tall, decidedly-unlithe me…I’m not so sure!

THREE Nerd Horse Etsy shop

Lauren of She Moved To Texas just opened an Etsy shop which features downloadable equestrian-themed coloring pages! How cool is that?!

FOUR How Physical Fitness Impacts Riding and Confidence

I really enjoyed this article from Dressage Today; we all recognize that it’s important to be fit to be a good rider, but this article discusses some of the psychological hangups that might be impeding progress. I thought the second piece of advice, connecting fitness to a big goal like riding FEI levels as opposed to a small goal like fitting into smaller jeans, was fantastic. How many times have I gotten caught up on focusing solely on my burning desire to not look like a beached whale in dressage pants?

FIVE Dressage at Devon


I found out yesterday at work is sending me to Dressage at Devon!! I am unbelievably excited! I’ll be working at the show on the big dressage trailer with my boss. I hope I’ll have a little free time to watch the competition, though!

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16 thoughts on “Friday Five”

  1. Fun stuff! Also, can I just tell you that my coworkers (non-horsey folk) and I cannot stop watching the Secret Pony Brigade from last week’s Friday Five and have taken to referring to other coworkers as ridiculous ponies? We may also refer to each other as Ponita from time to time.

    P.S. – If you get a kick out of some seriously dark and twisted humor (don’t judge me!), check out Llamas in Hats.

    1. I’m so glad Secret Pony Brigade has enriched so many lives LOLZ!! I’ve seen Llamas With Hats, but it may be time to revisit that and Charlie The Unicorn. 😛

  2. Ahh have fun at Devon! I’ve always wanted to go. I love that Dressage Today article, starting Crossfit made a HUGE difference in my dressage career. I’m hoping to find something similar (but less impact because my wrist couldn’t handle it) soon.

    1. You’re not the first person I’ve heard say that Crossfit helped their riding! I like to do yoga and pilates- I feel like it really helps with my balance! (But I need to start doing something that burns a few more calories…)

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