Friday Five


This week has been completely insane, mostly because I am swamped with work. You might be thinking, “But Stephanie, you work at a tack store- how much stuff can there be to do?” Most of the time, the answer is “Eh, not that much”, but this week has been a fucking nightmare. Our website server unexpectedly closed last Friday, which was 10 days ahead of the schedule they’d given us. Cue panic and lots of scrambling to get the site back online on a new server, while simultaneously upgrading our e-commerce software. My week has been spent repairing errors, digging around in MySQL databases, and generally trying not to strangle anyone.

Oh yeah, and Johnny and I joined a local running group sponsored by the county health department. Our first run was last night, and today my body feels like it will fall apart. Totally taking a half day to sit on my sofa and finish a book, y’all.

Nevertheless, a few things have made it onto my radar!

ONE Stainless steel straws

I drink a disgustingly nutritious protein shake (chocolate SpiruTein + a banana + water + ice) for breakfast on mornings I ride, because it requires minimal effort. I always feel bad for throwing away my straws, but I don’t really want to reuse them. These stainless steel straws are awesome! They’re pre-bent at the perfect angle, long enough for most cups, and you can throw them in the dishwasher.

TWO OneK Defender with retractable sun shield

Real talk: are these the dorkiest things in the world, or kind of cool? I almost always ride in sunglasses when I’m outdoors, but sometimes they’re a pain to keep straight. They’re being discontinued, so I’m tempted to buy one at a super low price and just…deal with it?

THREE How Can I Successfully School My Horse On My Own?

This q & a article from Dressage Today is useful advice for many of us. Many of us are training and schooling our horses ourselves, for whatever reason, and I think the tips in this post can be applied to a lot of disciplines, not just dressage.

FOUR Rise & Grind tee

Maybe it’s my love for the Memphis Grizzlies clouding my judgement (they use the phrase a lot), but this Hunt Club tee is perfect. I need it. Right now.

FIVE Cards Against Equestrians

When Horse Nation posted the first of this series a few weeks ago, I thought it was pretty funny. This installation is full of silliness (like Sheath Cleaning: The Musical). Maybe I should print some up for next year’s Derby party…

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19 thoughts on “Friday Five”

  1. Do the straws actually get clean in the dishwasher?! because I have some reusable plastic ones that I use for smoothies that I try to wash in there, and they are always gunky inside

    1. They’ve come clean the two times I’ve washed them. Johnny has used them for a smoothie (yogurt + fruit + juice) that’s much thicker than mine; his drink leaves more residue on them than mine does. They’ve come out clean with both types of drink!

  2. The thing that worries me about that helmet is if you have a crash is that visor going to cut your cheeks somehow? I’ve had sunglasses cut my nose before???

    1. I’m kind of concerned about that- I don’t know if they’d just cut me if I fell, or if they can shatter? I don’t want to blind myself trying to look super cool…

    2. I just bought this helmet for trail riding and being able to hide the glasses when in the woods where I don’t need sunglasses. Well today I had an epic crash with the ground and can tell you first hand my face is fine. The sunglasses popped off the helmet in the fall and I was able to snap them back on like new.

      As for the helmet- the glasses took a minute getting use to bc it felt weird not being able to move them on my face. But after the first five minutes of riding my mind stopped thinking about the glasses and I really enjoyed the helmet. 🙂

  3. I have those straws! I’m embarrassed to say, I have yet to use them. But maybe now I will since you say they’re awesome.
    I can’t really get behind the one K with sunnies… but if it’s super cheap and you wear sunnies anyway, I say try it!
    The T-shirt is cute, I’ve been appreciating it on instagram!
    And lastly, I really wish Cards Against Equestrians was real. I would spend more money that is reasonable on them.

  4. I love those straws and the t-shirt! I hate plastic straws. They are such a waste of plastic and can easily become a serious hazard to wildlife.

    1. I have incredible guilt about throwing things away, even when they are clearly unable to be reused or recycled. Ask me about how much recycling accumulates in my garage in the course of a week!

  5. I have and love the helmet with shades. I was worried about what would happen if I fell and crashed, but it’s probably comparable to what would happen if I had sunglasses on, which I would if didn’t have this helmet.
    I think I look super cool, like a robot, when I click the shades and it comes down.

    It did take a minute to get used to the shade area when I was walking around, but when I am riding I don’t even notice it.

    I didn’t know they were being discontinued. I might have to order myself a second one as a replacement back u p.

    1. You’re making me feel SO much better about a helmet with shades! I want to be a cool robot!!

      As far as I know, it’s JUST OneK that’s discontinuing them. (I don’t know why they’re discontinuing them.) The vendor work gets them through has a decent selection of sizes left, though they’re all black or black matte.

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