Friday Five


Woohoo, it’s the weekend! I’m spending most of tomorrow scribing at Green Country Dressage’s schooling show championships; I’m really looking forward to it and hope I’ll glean some insights from the judge.

Anyway, here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

ONE How The Internet Has Changed Bullying

This article from The New Yorker is an interesting look at the ways the internet enabled bullying to run rampant. It’s not so much that it’s led to an increase in bullying, but that the internet has made it more difficult to escape. Another interesting point was this: “Participants [of cyber-crusades to disparage someone’s words or behavior] often feel that their abusive actions flow from justified outrage—but all bullies think that their behavior is justified.”


My job requires me to sit at my desk for most of the day; it’s not that I can’t get up and move around, it’s more like I need to use a computer to type, edit photos, or you know, read the interweb. Some tasks I have are very tedious, and sometimes I find myself doing less work and more clicking around. I enjoy listening to podcasts, but there’s only so many episodes of This American Life I can take before I feel like they’re all addressing the same topics. I’d never listened to audiobooks before because I figured they’d be too distracting. But I gave a shot last month and I’m hooked! I choose books I’ve already read so I don’t have to pay too much attention to them and keep them on in the background while I’m doing some mind-numbing task. It’s amazing how much depth an audiobook brings to a story’s characters!

THREE Equine Couture Schooner breeches


When the store’s JPC rep was here last week to show us new styles, I like…lost it a little bit on some of the new Equine Couture breeches. (They have a seersucker print with pink whales on it, guys. HILARIOUSLY CUTE.) These schooner breeches are fun in an abstract, artsy kind of way.

FOUR Gin tarragon cocktail

I needed a few sprigs of tarragon for a recipe this week, and my only option was to buy a big bunch of it at the grocery store. I hate wasting (expensive) fresh herbs, but didn’t want to eat tarragon in every meal. Enter this cocktail: gin, tarragon simple syrup, and lime juice. Easy, refreshing, and delicious. (Maybe I’ll bring a batch for the judge tomorrow- 8s for everyone!)

FIVE USEF Network’s coverage of USDF Dressage Finals

Don’t want to stream an audiobook? Stream the USDF Dressage Finals all weekend instead! You get to hear Kathy Connelly disdainfully comment on riders and horses, which is the highlight of the coverage for me.

What are y’all up to this weekend?

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