Friday Five


I spent last night cleaning tack and bleaching my stock tie in anticipation of tomorrow’s hunt! I’m eager to get out again, and I’m really looking forward to seeing friends and enjoying a beautiful weekend. Here’s what on my radar this week:

ONE When Authenticity and Advertising Collide on Social Media

This is a phenomenal article that gets at something we can all relate to: how we present ourselves online. Instagram model (which is a career, apparently) Essena O’Neill posted a dramatic video proclaiming she was abandoning social media because it was inauthentic and presented a contrived and constructed version of her life. (She has since shifted her focus to her new website that promotes “creative ideas, innovation and authentic self expression.”) The article discusses ‘influencers’ and how they’re often targeted by marketers to present a brand in a more organic and authentic way. It’s fascinating stuff, and made me reevaluate the media I post online. How hard am I trying to look interesting or cool? Am I presenting my life realistically? What am I trying to accomplish?

TWO FREITAG denim commercial

[fbvideo link=”” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]


Two minutes of people vaulting onto a cantering horse and putting on jeans. What’s not to like?

THREE Tek Trek cosmetic case


I’m a little obsessed with these adorable cosmetic cases! I have several perfectly good makeup and travel bags, but none of them are equine-themed. Obviously, I need one.

FOUR The Flash

I’m certainly not a diehard comic book fan (or even a casual one, really), so when this popped up in Netflix’s recommendations, I ignored it. Until I ran out of other shows I wanted to watch. Johnny and I have been watching an episode or two a night all week. It’s such a fun show, full of action and intrigue!

FIVE Sports Illustrated‘s 2015 Sportsman of the Year award

American Pharoah is up for the award, along with several deserving human athletes. But, come on, the horse won the Triple Crown! Just go vote for him already!

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12 thoughts on “Friday Five”

  1. So the main actor on the Flash is my cousin! Pretty distant, but our last names are the same and his first name was my grandfather’s name. And yet, I have not caught up. *hangs head in shame*

  2. OMG! The vaulting jean people made my day better!!! Thanks for that : )

    I didn’t clean my tack…..but, i will wash that nasty mare tail.

  3. I enjoyed the first half of the jeans video. I was disappointed when the girl appeared though. Ha!
    I too love that make up bag! So excited to have one!!!! (Thank you!!!)
    And the Royals are beating AP?! People need to get voting.

  4. The makeup bag!! Great find!! That’s funny about your new show. We just started watching Gotham and got hooked on it. I’m not really a TV person but, every once in a while we’ll end up getting stuck on a show.

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