Friday Five


I’m so glad the work week is over! It’s been a very hectic week between meeting with sales reps to book Winter 2016 tack and apparel and coordinating last-minute year end awards for tomorrow’s Oklahoma Dressage Society awards banquet. I’m glad to have some time to unwind!

Here’s what’s on my radar this week.

ONE HKM’s Paris Print full seat breeches


Y’all know I can’t resist a pair of breeches in some lurid floral or geometric print. I’m totally in love with this pair from HKM; next order work places is definitely going to include a pair of these for me!

TWO BuzzFeed Tasty

cannot stop watching these ~90 second long time-lapse cooking videos, even if half the things made are things I’d never cook. They’re mesmerizing.

THREE Kerrits Competitors Koat in jasper green


I totally ordered this coat for myself because I didn’t relish the thought of wearing my black wool hunt coat through the summer season. USEF rules state that a jacket must be a “dark color” for the dressage phase, so let’s hope no one gets bent out of shape about a green coat.

FOUR Whole30

Johnny and I are now halfway through our third round of Whole 30, and I have to say that I’m feeling awesome. I’ve mentioned the program before; if you’re not familiar with it, you cut out sugar (real and artificial), alcohol, grains (including pseudo-graines like quinoa), legumes, dairy, carrageenan/MSG/sulfites, and ‘treats’ that have been given some kind of healthy-ish makeover for 30 days. Many people use it to identify food sensitivities; for us, it’s a way to curb unhealthy habits that creep up on us. It forces us to stop eating out, it forces Johnny to stop eating half-cartons of ice cream three days a week, and it forces me to address my bread-and-cheese problem. I definitely recommend doing it; if you plan well, it isn’t very difficult. You don’t need to buy the book, either- the whole thing is available for free online!

FIVE Omega Horseshine

Moe is a hard keeper and has been his whole life. His teeth are in good condition, his lifestyle does not put him at risk for ulcers, and he gets plenty of good-quality forage. I was chatting with my barn owner about this a few weeks ago, and she recommended Omega Horseshine. She swore it put weight on her TB gelding while he was recovering from an illness, so I picked up a bag to try on Moe. It is amazing! I haven’t noticed a difference in Moe’s fluffy winter coat, and his hooves have always been good, but he’s gained weight in just a couple of weeks. I’m so pleased with it that I’ve replaced the SmartGain in his SmartPaks with this stuff.

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13 thoughts on “Friday Five”

  1. Whole30 is the bane of my existence at the moment. They say you get over your cravings after a week or so, but I do not find that to be true. I just want soda and chocolate. And ice cream. But it’s great for weight loss. It’s also great for making us eat at home and go out less. I just need to make it to the end of the month.

    1. That’s one thing that I think is major garbage about things like whole 30. Humans have subsisted for MILLIONS OF YEARS on grains, and starchy tubers. I get that we eat more than is necessary now (I’ve got no problem with it bread is DELICIOUS) but I don’t think cutting them entirely is exactly a solution.

      Okay sorry, off my food soap box now.

      Stephanie — do you know how much your store will be stocking those breeches for? I … may… need… some…

  2. I have not one, but TWO of those Kerrits coats, and love them! I’m extremely tough to fit (really broad shoulders, short stature) but this coat fits me really well. I love that the material is softshell-ish, but I don’t find it to be hot, and there is a bit of stretch. I own the black coat with the white piping and the French blue coat, which is actually really pretty in person. I think I scored both coats off of RW at an insane price, and the zipper under the buttons is sure genius! Hope you LOVE it! 🙂

  3. I have the Kerrits coat and LOVE it. It is awesome, though I don’t get to wear it much any more since switching to western dressage. Those HKM breeches are awesome! I shudder to think of the price though!

    1. They are not TOO ridiculous at $134.95, or maybe I’m just totally desensitized to how much thing cost because I see people buying $300 Kentucky and Pikeur breeches on the regular. :/

      1. Must be nice! I don’t think I have ever spent more than $40 on a pair of breeches. I am super stoked that a friend of mine just got hired on with a pro, and decided to clear out pretty much all of her breeches. Got three pairs of irideon for the cost of shipping!

  4. Those breeches! Do they come in knee patch?!
    I can’t give up bread. I’m Jewish. Bagels are a necessity for my people.
    Thanks for sharing the Omega horseshine info! I may look into that for Romey!

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