Friday Five


I’m glad to have a low-key weekend coming up after last weekend’s jam-packed mess. It looks like the weather should be great, so I’ll be in the saddle on Sunday!

Here’s what’s on my radar this week:

ONE Off-Track and Online: The Networked Spaces of Horse Racing

This book is the latest release from my friend Holly! I am incredibly proud of the hard work she’s put into this book and can’t wait to read it. And see the photos I took that are in it. 😛

TWO TopKnot

I’m addicted to watching time-lapse cooking videos, so it’s no surprise that I also love time-lapse hair styling videos. I’m now having fantasies about dyeing my hair rainbow-colored and wearing it in a bomb-ass braidhawk.

THREE Irideon On Course tees



How cute are these new tees?! I love the cross country one (obviously), but the show jumping and dressage designs are also adorable. I need.

FOUR Proposed changes to Olympic eventing

The FEI Eventing Committee recently released recommendations for changes to eventing’s Olympic and World Equestrian Games format. A new article on this seems to come out every other day, but here are my favorites:

The gist of the proposals are limiting teams to 3 riders (thus eliminating the drop score), shortening the dressage test, changing the length of XC, changing the scoring, revising minimum eligibility requirements, introducing new competition levels and names, and renaming the sport. I’m curious to hear what others think- eventers and non-eventers alike!

FIVE Deer and Bunny Playing

A fawn and a bunny frolicking together. Is there a better way to start the weekend?

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10 thoughts on “Friday Five”

  1. The fawn is so cute. We had twin fawns at our barn last year. Sometimes we’d catch them playing in the arena. I’m looking forward to seeing this year’s crop of babies. I really want to die my hair rainbow colors as well. However, my stylist said the color wears out in a few weeks (even when it’s put in my a professional) so I settled for some extensions.

  2. I think having the drop score is really important in a sport where crazy thing happen, like a horse colicing the day of maybe the 2nd or 3rd event, or a horse just not feeling like playing one day. Even the best just have off days, and it’s nice to have the drop score for those instances. For example, I saw a Nation’s Cup in which Beezie Madden was the anchor, but ended up being the drop score because her horse never picked his feet up for the first jump and instead crashed through, after which she pulled up and retired from the class. For the good of the horse, it seems like this option is important.

  3. first off i LOVE those tees!! Secondly, I think they’re trying to change a bit too much in eventing in the olympics. Some of it I understand where they are coming from but I know there is A LOT of controversy about the name change. It’s hard enough to promote our sport, stop changing things on us!! lol

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