Friday Five


Only one week until I leave for Rolex, y’all! I’m so excited. If anyone who’s going wants to meet up with me and two other Oklahoma-based horse people, shoot me an email at stejpeck (at) gmail (dot) com.

Lots of good stuff on my radar this week:

ONE Assateague Island National Seashore stamp

As a staunch snail-mail and pony supporter, I am so excited to get these stamps featuring wild ponies!

TWO If You Build It on Eventing Nation

EN has a great article today on building XC jumps; while there are no specific how-to instructions given, there are several helpful tips on situating the jumps, making them secure, and making them safe. (Maybe when I finally get around to building all those XC jumps that are waiting in my garage I’ll write a comprehensive guide about how I constructed them.)

THREE How You Can Be Ready For Rolex Without Riding At All by Denny Emerson

Not much has changed since 2002, when Denny Emerson originally published this hilariously good piece in The Chronicle. Highlights of his advice for fitting in at Rolex include:

  • “Where you live- unless it’s Middleburg, VA; Unionville, PA; Aiken, SC; or Ocala; FL- should remain obscure.”
  • “The complusory baseball cap, with the compulsory opening in the back for the compulsory pony tail, should be soiled from months of exposure to sweat, wind, sun, and rain. Leave it out on your front porch to create the desired affect.”
  • “If you have a dressage background and like to nibble little cheese squares, discreetly sip wine, and discuss tempi changes, or what Gerd told you- that’s it, sister. Go home.”
  • “Dancing on the table is strictly OK, as if climbing up the tent pole.”

FOUR Ladies’ Mind Your Melon Tee from Hunt Club


I am so glad this is available in a ladies’ size; my days of wearing junior-sized clothing are firmly behind me. I love the “Mind Your Melon” sentiment, so y’all know this is already in my shopping cart.

FIVE Boyd Martin rides sidesaddle

[fbvideo link=”” width=”400″ height=”500″ onlyvideo=”1″]

I’ve never ridden sidesaddle- it looks pretty scary, but I’d be game to give it a go. Boyd Martin did, and while he doesn’t necessarily make it look easy, he also doesn’t look like he’s about to fall off and/or die! Go, Boyd!

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9 thoughts on “Friday Five”

  1. I emailed you about Rolex. I had a sidesaddle and used it with Dijon. I have to say it was really difficult/scary and that was at a walk on flat ground. I’d really like to try a clinic or something someday, but I doubt I’d want to jump sidesaddle.

  2. I sat on a friend’s horse once in her sidesaddle and I felt like I was about to tip off of the side! Props to Boyd for attempting to actually do stuff in it. Haha.

  3. Sidesaddle isn’t really that scary (until you jump, then it’s a little terrifying). You still sit centered and straight, plus you can clamp you legs down on the upright and leaping head and use some of your super rider leg muscles to keep yourself on.

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