Friday Five


Woohoo for the weekend! I’m volunteering at the dressage schooling show tomorrow and signed up for a lesson with Aaron Wilson (who’s judging the show) on Sunday. I’m excited for the lesson; I thought Aaron’s advice was very helpful last year, and Moe and I have made some real progress since then. Plus, tomorrow’s one week from Willow Draw!

Anyway, here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

ONE Olympic dressage selection events kick off

I’m excited for Olympic dressage this year because one of work’s sponsored riders might make the US team! Shelly Francis was selected as part of the squad sent to Europe to compete at observation events, and I couldn’t be happier for her. I had a chance to meet Shelly earlier this year when I was in Florida- she is incredibly nice, hardworking, and genuinely cares for her horses. Shelly’s off to a good start: she was the second highest placed American rider on Thursday and today! (I’m also excited to see how Lars Petersen and Mariett perform next month at the Danish Dressage Championships!)

TWO Guinness on Tap’s Dutch dressage braid tutorial

One of my favorite dressage queens, Austen of Guinness on Tap, has put together a fantastic in-depth tutorial on how to achieve big, fluffy Dutch-style dressage braids. I plan to do a test run on Moe’s mane this weekend and rock these at Willow Draw!

THREE Cob names @ Horse & Hound

Do you like horses? Do you like puns? This is the article for you. Favorites: Incobnito, Cob In Hood, and Abracobdabra.

FOUR Horse Network’s Never Have I Ever- Equestrian Edition


This needs to happen at the next equestrian blogger meetup, yes?

FIVE Queen Elizabeth’s birthday extravaganza

Queen Elizabeth is awesome. How awesome? Not only does she still ride at age 90, but she had a badass birthday celebration that included 900 horses. NINE HUNDRED. Maybe I can put together a 300 horse party for my 30th birthday later this year?


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  1. austen’s braids are legit insane. like. it seriously takes her no time at all to put them in, and they all looked fantastic. impressive. #lifegoals

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