Friday Five


Thank goodness for short work weeks. Work has been very hectic: a coworker and I are being shipped off to HIPICO Santa Fe in two weeks for the inaugural Dressage at Santa Fe show, the other mobile unit is heading to Dressage at Lexington next week, and everyone is scrambling to order last-minute necessities, count and re-count inventory, and pack trailers! If I see one more pair of Montar breeches, I think I might scream.

Here’s what’s been on my radar this week!

ONE I Recreated Pusheen Stickers With My Cat


Who doesn’t love Pusheen, Facebook’s adorable feline? Someone with a very cooperative fat gray tabby decided to recreate various Pusheen scenes and the result is cute overload.

TWO ManeStay (via Horse Nation)

This waterproof hook contains contact information and clips into a horse’s mane; this could be such a useful tool for emergency situations. Here in Oklahoma, horses are often found wandering loose or gravely injured after tornadoes- having this type of information would certainly make it easier for vets and rescue workers to contact owners.

THREE Dressage Should Be Rewarding For Both Horse And Rider (via Dressage Today)

I needed to read this! I often get frustrated schooling dressage on Moe; he’s got all the wrong muscles in all the wrong places and years of incorrect habits ingrained into his tiny pea brain. This was a good reminder to be patient, be fair, and set the horse up for success.

FOUR Hunting shadbelly


There’s only 105 days until Opening Hunt! Despite not having a horse to hunt on for the latter half of the season (Moe is too crazy, Gina will be too pregnant), I’m already dreaming of galloping through the hills of Flint Creek. I’ve been entertaining the idea of outfitting myself for Opening Hunt in a shadbelly, because who doesn’t like to get dressed up?

FIVE Hoof Love wrap ring from KJ Creations


I received my prize pack from KJ Creations for winning The $900 Facebook Pony’s gender reveal contest this week, and one of the things included in it was this super cute hoof wrap ring! I am obsessed with it. It’s absolutely darling, and it’s adjustable, which means it fits on my fat little sausage fingers. Winning!

What are y’all into this week?

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  1. The dressage article was interesting, but I’m not sure where you draw the line. If I only did things Nilla enjoyed, we would only do mounted eating and occasional jumping. Nilla despises all dressage so it’s not like I can just “listen” to her about what parts to work on. Have fun at Santa Fe. I’ve never been there and my only thought of it is of the song from Newsies.

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