Friday Five

It’s Labor Day weekend, y’all! I’m spending it packing for the move, packing for my impending work trip to Iowa, and going on a trail ride!


Here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

ONE The Unfortunate Reality of Dry Shampoo

Spoiler alert: dry shampoo may cause hair loss. This is terrible news, y’all. I use dry shampoo religiously . My hair is thick and takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r to blow dry, so I rely on dry shampoo at least three days a week. I guess it’s back to regular shampoo. 😭

TWO Lilly Pulitzer + Lee Jofa wallpaper & fabrics collaboration

I love many of Lilly Pulitzer’s colorful prints, so the idea of hanging loud wallpaper or decorating my poolside patio with vibrant fabrics is immensely appealing!

THREE Fitbit Adventures

If you have a Fitbit and regularly use the app, you’ve probably noticed you have a new feature in the “Challenges” section- “Adventures”! Basically, your real life steps are correlated with hiking trails (only a few in Yosemite, currently), and at certain step points, you unlock panoramic landmarks. It’s a fun way to get your steps in! (There’s a super Fitbit community of equestrian bloggers, too, so if you have one but don’t use it much, put it on and come say hi!)

FOUR Dover Saddlery 2014 annual report

Full disclosure: I read this for work. Still, it’s super interesting to see how a large retailer like Dover is planning to expand their business. (In case you don’t want to dig through this data, it’s via retail stores and the internet.)

FIVE Dressage Challenge Part I: Arena Workout

This set of dressage exercises from Jec Aristotle Ballou looks like a great way to alleviate arena boredom. I’ll be filing it away for use this winter for sure!

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16 thoughts on “Friday Five”

  1. Love your Friday 5s & am totes reading the last one when I’m more awake as i am so bad at getting stuck in a rut and getting bored with arena work just because I have no imagination

    1. I use Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo (I get it at Target). The scent isn’t overpowering and it does a good job of absorbing oil and adding a little bit of volume to my hair. I don’t have very greasy/oily hair, and my hair is pretty thick, so your mileage may vary!

  2. Man that Dry shampoo article is a little scary, but I’m going to say that since dry shampoos vary so widely so will the experience? Some of them (like the Aussie dry shampoo) are much heavy, and stickier products that are almost like hair spray so I’m going to tell myself it makes a difference. My hair is crazy curly, and washing daily is just not a thing that’s going to happen because I like to sleep. Also, I keep thinking that maybe I need a fitbit, but then there are horsey things I’d rather get and it just never happens. Maybe i need to put it on a wish list for Christmas…

  3. Also, I have no plans to stop using the dry shampoo, even after skimming the article… Dry shampoo isn’t new at all! It’s been around a long time, and my hair is fine. The public THANKS me for using it after working in the barn.

  4. I also have super long, thick hair that can take 24+ hours to dry. I simply only wash it 2-3 times a week. I don’t use dry shampoo the other days. I just do nothing. Hair doesn’t actually need that much washing.

  5. Yikes about the dry shampoo, I just got some to leave at the barn and now I’m a bit scared. Good to hear that people haven’t had problems.

    I love our Fitbit group!!! Regrets for not setting up a work week challenge this week, two trail rides so I would have had a chance of being in the top 3!

  6. My hair is like 90% dry shampoo. This worries me. Though I use the dry shampoo from Lush, its amazing stuff.

    The fitbit adventures, so great! I Adore our fitbit blogger group, though I never stand a chance adjacent Austen and Emma hahah < 3

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