Friday Five

Edited to add comparison photo of Tailored Sportsmans and RJ Classics breeches.

This week has flown by! I’m convinced it was because I had a snow day from work on Wednesday in anticipation of nasty weather that never materialized. There’s nothing like a midweek break to make you feel rested (and give you time to clean your house)!

Here’s what’s on my radar this week:

ONE Buff multifunctional headwear

Fellow horse people, you need this! This soft, moisture-wicking tube of fabric is everything you need in life. It’s the best $20 I’ve spent in a long time. My favorite way to use it is as a headband/ear warmer that moves down to a neck gaiter/scarf once I put my helmet on. It also works beautifully if, like me, you are a high foreheaded freak who struggles to find a wide enough headband for exercise!
Tailored Sportsman on top, RJ Classics on the bottom. Both size 26 Regular
on my non-equestrian coworker.
RJ Classics’ new line of breeches is niiiice. The fabric is pleasantly thick while still being stretchy, so they’re slimming and do a great job of hiding any thigh cheese you may have. They offer a mid-rise breech, which is nice for shadbelly wearing riders. Best part? They have a great range of sizes: 24 through 36, all available in short, regular, or long lengths. 
Horse & Hound is one of my favorite publications (it’s available on my e-reader, which is far cheaper than paying for the print edition here in America). This article had me nodding my head and laughing- while some of the things are clearly a UK thing (dismounted rallies, dandy brush polos), many are universal! I totally played Riding Star, read Saddle Club, and had Derby the Beanie Baby horse.
I love typography. Something about how people can turn simple letters into art never fails to impress me. I love this site, which is a curated gallery of lovely typography. It’s inspired me to attempt to make work-related graphics more beautiful!
This series has thus far featured pinto and Appaloosa colors, which are two coat patterns I know next to nothing about. Coat colors and the genetics that cause them are fascinating, and I’m excited for this series to explore the dun family!

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10 thoughts on “Friday Five”

    1. I think the sizing is comparable. I made tiny coworker try on a pair of 26 Regulars in both brands- the TS were slightly baggy on her (and really unflattering), while the RJs fit more closely. Granted, we don't have any of the mid-rise in stock- only the low rise- but they came up to her navel. (She's about…5'4?)

  1. Love the RJ breeches! I recently snagged a pair of TS Trophy Hunters that I love, but the RJs are my show breeches for the time being. They fit great and they don't seem to mind being tossed in the washer. Bonus for no dry cleaning!

  2. See, the RJ breeches are appealing to me because they are traditionally very curve friendly… but it looks like they run WAY smaller than TS. If that's the case, I doubt the 36 will fit me.

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