Friday Five

I don’t know what the weather is doing where you are, but it’s supposed to be a mess here in northeastern Oklahoma this weekend. Ponies are snug in their blankets, their stalls are freshly bedded, and I’ve got enough wine and macaroni and cheese to outlast any ice storm!

Here’s what’s on my radar this week:

ONE Thoroughbred Incentive Program’s Recreational Riding Incentive Program

We’re big fans of trail riding and hunting around here!

New for 2017, TIP has expanded their “non-competition awards” to include Thoroughbred owners that regularly ride or drive for recreation! Trail riding, endurance riding, and foxhunting are all included in these awards; all you have to do is download the reporting forms, keep track of the hours you ride, and send the forms and a photo in when you reach an award level. How cool is that?

TWO How Smart Are Horses?

A recently published study from researchers in Japan confirms what equestrians already know: horses communicate with humans, and they’re smarter than most people think they are.

THREE USEF rebrand

The USEF launched a completely revamped website this week; it seems like new president Murray Kessler is beginning his term with a bang! The whole organization has undergone a rebrand, what with new ad campaigns, a new membership option, and a upgraded membership benefits.

FOUR Iroquois Steeplechase

I’ve already made plans to attend Rolex again this year, but I’m thinking of adding Nashville’s Iroquois Steeplechase to my spring calendar, too. I attended the Iroquois a few times when I was still a Tennessee resident, but haven’t been back in years. Some friends and I are thinking of going; it’s the perfect occasion to wear my wedding hat!

FIVE Exquisite Equine Apparel

Many of you probably know Emily and Estella of The Exquisite Equine blog, but did you know Emily also has some stellar t-shirt designs for sale? I’m definitely feeling the “No Money, All Bank” tee!

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    1. Ha, I have definitely known some that were about as sharp as a marble!

      We don’t have much ice either; I mean, my gates and fences had a layer, but the roads are fine. I was all set to watch PBS, eat, and nap all weekend. Disappointing!

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