Friday Five

It’s a beautiful Friday here in Oklahoma, and it looks like it’ll be a nice weekend. Gina and I will be hunting tomorrow (hooray!) and I’m hoping to get some work done around the barn on Sunday.

Here’s what’s on my radar this week:

ONE Throwback Thursday: That Time Jim Wofford Swam A River on Chronicle of the Horse

I love seeing photos and hearing riders talk about eventing in the ’60s and ’70s. So many things about the sport were different. For example, in this article, Jim Wofford describes having to swim his horses across a flooded river at the 1967 Myopia Horse Trials during the cross-country phase. I can’t see THAT happening today!

TWO USEF Announces Venue Short List for New CCI4*

Fair Hill and Great Meadow are the finalists for a new CCI4* site! Currently, Rolex is the only such event in the western hemisphere. It’s exciting to think that we’ll have another big event in North America; maybe some day, when my dreams of the Oklahoma Horse Park come true, there’ll be something west of the Misssissippi!

THREE Sales video for Walter, a Missouri Fox Trotter

This video is 20 minutes long, but well worth the watch. Trainer Zackery Stevens narrates a sale video for Walter, a Missouri Fox Trotter gelding who redefines the meaning of a broke horse. The video is hilarious; my favorite part is around the four minute mark, when Stevens says, “I can even lay ‘im down in the middle of war. This is my ready-for-ISIS scene, in case ISIS ever comes to Missouri. I think we’re about ready for ’em.” This guy is apparently just up the road in Springfield; maybe the dressage club can get him to come down for a clinic?

FOUR The Trouble with America’s Most Beloved Mall Brands

While I’m not employed by a store in a mall, I am employed by a brick and mortar retailer. This article is an interesting read on the trend of consumers shopping away from malls- and away from brick and mortar stores in general.

FIVE Used Horse Stuff

Stacie over at Amateur At Large turned me on to this site; if you’ve ever gotten totally sick of scrolling through the English Tack Trader Facebook group or are too lazy for eBay, check out this site! It’s well-organized, everything is photographed nicely, and they’re super communicative. I’m eager to get my free kit to ship a whole bunch stuff to them. I’ve got a ton of stuff I’ve been meaning to sell, but that means photographing it, posting it, managing the shipping. Hard pass, y’all- I’m happy to let someone else have a cut so I can do less work.

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6 thoughts on “Friday Five”

  1. i am SO FREAKIN EXCITED that both the 4* venue finalists are 2hrs or less from home!!!! personally i think i would prefer fair hill, but honestly it hardly matters. blogger meet up in baltimore when that eventual day comes tho!!!!

  2. FAIR HILL 4* PLEEEEZZZEEEEE!!! And Oh man… is BRILLIANT! I watched the Walter video earlier today and was blown away – new training goals for my next horse!!

  3. I watched the Walter video last night, and the entire time I just kept thinking how I’d like to send Romey to that guy…
    I hope Used Tack Stuff does well! It really is a great idea.

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