Friday Five

It’s been a busy week, y’all! Work has been preparing to go to the World Cup in Omaha next week, so I’ve been swamped with packing, organizing last-minute shipments, and coordinating the more mundane aspects of the trip, like acquiring parking and vendor passes. If World Cup wasn’t enough, Harvard Fox Hounds’ closing hunt is tomorrow; Gina and my tack are both in a very grubby state! I’m going to try to sneak out of work early to give her a bath and braid her, but we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, here’s what’s been on my radar this week:

ONE FEI World Cup

How could this not be on my radar?! I’m excited to go, even if I’ll be working! I’m hoping I’ll have some time to watch competitions and won’t be stuck in the vendor area all week. If you’re going to Omaha, stop by and say hi! I’ll be at The Horse of Course in booths 10 & 11.

TWO Horze Melrose line

These sparkly things arrived at work early this week, and I’ve been obsessed with them ever since. There’s a matching browband, combi wraps, ear net, and saddle pad (in all-purpose AND dressage) styles. I especially love the bright pink-orange flamingo color, but the purple or navy is probably a better look for my blood bay horse!

THREE Equestrian Coach

Traveling with work means I have lots of free time in the evenings. Most of the time, I read (or collapse into bed immediately), but this time I’m planning to spend some time watching videos and reading articles from Equestrian Coach. Three years ago, I won a month’s subscription from a contest Lauren of She Moved To Texas hosted. Fortunately, the gift certificate code still worked, and I’m ready to absorb the wisdom of Bernie Traurig, George Morris, Denny Emerson, and many more!

FOUR A Guide to Lisa Frankenfoods

Are you on Instagram? Yes? You’ve probably seen some variations on “galaxy” or “unicorn”-inspired foods- colorful, sparkly macarons or rainbow bagels. Eater has a fun look at the trend of what they’re calling “Lisa Frankenfoods”, and I’m suddenly feeling the urge to go get a unicorn macaron from one of my favorite Tulsa bakeries.

FIVE This week in “WTF” Oklahoma!

This week was a double-whammy here in the Sooner State! First up, state lawmakers want to make Good Friday a designated paid state holiday. Second on their agenda? Getting those Ten Commandments back at the State Capitol! Never mind that the state’s nearly $900 million in the hole; let’s focus on the real issues here, people. You can rest assured I’m diligently calling my elected officials daily and searching for jobs in less silly places.

What have you been checking out this week?

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6 thoughts on “Friday Five”

  1. Your state’s politicians are insane. This is why my list of states I can move to is like 5 long. I made tie-dye colored macaroons a few weeks ago. Maybe I’ll try galaxy ones this week.

    1. oh yeah, they’re totally bonkers. I thought I lived in a red state when I lived in Tennessee. Oklahoma makes Tennessee look like a level-headed and totally reasonable place! Johnny and I have a five year plan to get the hell outta here (even if it is fairly cheap to own land and keep horses).

  2. I’ve honestly liked the few Horze things I have more than I expected! Those colors are nice too!! Maybe Charlie can up his fancy factor with more bling?!?

  3. Lisa Frankenfood! Is that why I’m so intrigued by all this unicorn food? Because it reminds me of my youth?! Mind. Blown.
    I’m super jealous you’re in Omaha. I hope you get to watch some!
    Loving the Horze stuff. I wish there was a hunter or forest green themed set… No I don’t wish that, I can keep my money this way…. Did you get one for Gina?
    Our government as a whole is going down the toilet. I can’t believe your state is most worried about bringing religion back to politics. I’d suggest a move to CT, but omg TAXES!

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