Friday Five

The first week of 2018 is in the books, and I’m feeling excited and motivated about what this year will bring! Here’s what’s on my radar:

ONE The Equestrian’s Five Stages of Grief: Cold Snap Edition from Stressless Riding

We had a dreadful cold snap here in Oklahoma last week; while the forecast is for a balmy 47° F today, it’s been a chilly ~20° F with 20+ mph most of the week! I was teetering on the brink of Stage 4, but warmer temperatures have made me reconsider moving further south…at least for now! (H/T to Amanda of Bel Joeor)

TWO 5 Foolproof Ways to Stay Motivated from Psychology Today

I know the motivation and energy I’m feeling right now won’t last forever; this article has some good tips for sustaining and boosting motivation when it starts to flag.

THREE Skin Drink moisturizer from Lush

Rosacea makes my skin dry to begin with; cold, windy weather makes it even worse! This creamy moisturizer makes my skin feel amazing. It’s helped me with dryness and redness; while the smell is kind of weird, it’s totally worth putting up with.

FOUR George Morris Horsemastership Training Session streaming on USEF Network

You’ll need at least a US Equestrian Fan Membership to stream this, but it’s not hard to find a code for a free one. (There was a promo for a free one that I took advantage of to watch the Robert Dover Horsemastership Clinic earlier this week.)

FIVE Headspace app

2017 marked the first time I struggled with any kind of irrational anxiety in my life. I don’t know what provoked it, but I suddenly began to feel panicky about things that had never bothered me before. For example, instead of smiling and thinking about how cute Moe looked napping in the front pasture, I would glance outside, see him laying down, and immediately freak out because I thought he was dying. I discussed these feelings with my doctor, and one of the things she suggested was beginning a meditation practice. I downloaded Headspace, an app that teaches you how to meditate. It offers a free 10-meditation trial; annual subscriptions are on sale for a little less than $5/month. Meditating (combined with some other life adjustments) has helped me deal with anxious feelings and feel calmer overall.

What are y’all up to this first week of the new year?

Author: Stephanie

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9 thoughts on “Friday Five”

  1. I have that same anxiety on a daily basis. Why are you laying down, why are you standing still, why aren’t you eating, did you drink, don’t look at your sides! Don’t chase her you could break yourself!! Just be normal!!! I can’t afford anything but, normal!!!
    Then add the weather anxiety!! Oh dear lord. Some days I really do consider condo life…..

    1. I have to stop myself from looking out the window at them sometimes! Like no, Stephanie, sit down and watch PBS or read a book or something. STOP WATCHING THE HORSES.

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