Friday Five

I originally planned to go to the first dressage schooling show of the season this weekend, but it was canceled because tomorrow’s high is 31°F with strong north winds. I thought I’d just go foxhunting instead, but that was canceled due to cold temperatures, too! I can’t say I’m too disappointed. I’m kind of a wimp about riding in the cold, especially when it’s really windy. It’ll be nice to run some errands and get my tack cleaned instead of freezing in the woods!

Here’s what’s on my radar this week.

ONE Is bitless best? Study reveals horses’ tolerance of different bridles from Horse & Hound
It seems like bitted versus bitless bridles is one of the most persistent and passionate arguments within the equestrian community. This article from H&H summarizes a recent study from German scientists that aimed to determine how horses perceive the pressure exerted by bitless bridles compared to a regular snaffle.

TWO Ocala positives expose widespread naivety about human doping  from Horse Canada
Last week, it was reported that three American event riders tested positive to prohibited substances at the CIC3* Ocala-Reddick horse trials. This is a detailed article that discusses rider drug testing in general, as well as specific cases from FEI Tribunals. Really interesting material here.

THREE Lighthoof mud management panels
While that article on Horse Nation about the perils of frozen mud wasn’t very useful, it did point me in the direction of a product that’s pretty intriguing: Lighthoof mud management panels. My barn opens up into a small paddock, which is where my horses spend their evenings. The area directly behind the horses’ stalls and the area by their water trough gets muddy every time it rains. I’m not too concerned about the horses slipping or incurring hoof damage, but I like the idea of an easy-to-install panel that can help alleviate some of the boot-sucking mud.

FOUR Cat People tee from Philbrook Museum of Art
The Philbrook Museum of Art here in Tulsa is an amazing place: originally the Italian Renaissance home of oil baron Waite Phillips, it’s now an art museum with a large and varied collection and 23 acres of stunning gardens. In honor of what would have been David Bowie’s 71st birthday, the museum has released a t-shirt that combines their popular garden cats with one of Bowie’s most iconic looks. Today’s the last day to get them!

FIVE How to Win at Winter When You Hate Winter from The New York Times
While not as funny as last week’s winter weather article, this has a few practical tips for making the best of cold weather- even if you’re a cold-weather wimp like me!

What are y’all up to this weekend? Are you preparing for more arctic blasts? Is the weather pleasant in your neck of the woods?

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7 thoughts on “Friday Five”

  1. We’re back in an article blast, brrrrr! It should break about the time I fly out of state (of course). The lighthoof stuff is pretty neat (weird article notwithstanding haha) — a friend of mine in Virginia has it installed in her runs and I think she really likes it!

  2. Oooo, some good reads, thanks for sharing!
    We’re hitting 60 degrees sometime tomorrow morning with torrential rains, but they overnight low Saturday into Sunday is 10, so that should be interesting. And slippery I imagine.

  3. I don’t like riding when it’s cold and windy either. I read the H&H article and found it interesting. I keep eying various mud panels but they are so expensive.

  4. I bailed on my lesson this morning – we got 4″ of snow yesterday and it’s supposed to be 15 here. Pulled the amateur card and I have no regrets.
    We used similar honeycomb type flooring in our barn and paddocks in NM and HATED them. They were awful and we ended up having to completely rip up our floors and redo them. This was almost 20 years ago though, so it’s entirely possible the technology has evolved.

  5. LOVE the Philbrook.

    I’m going to have to look at the footing panels. My lower barn has excellent drainage, but my upper barn does not… We’ve tried other things, so I’m going to look into this!

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