Friday Five

ffI’m managing (and sadly not competing) a schooling dressage show this weekend. I’ve been so busy fielding inquires about a venue change and assigning ride times that I haven’t been out to ride at all this week. Ugh! But the three day weekend is here, and I’m ready to get to the barn!

ONE Dressage Challenge Part I: Arena Workout

Like many other riders, I’m stuck in the indoor arena until the floodwaters recede. This article from Horse Illustrated by Jec Ballou gives several options for interesting dressage exercises. I’m especially interested in trying the ‘canter paperclip’, though I’m not confident the arena is large enough for that!

TWO Finding Our Voice For The Animals

Horse Nation’s post from earlier this week about how many equine practices can look like abuse to an outsider is thoughtful and interesting. When I boarded Moe in college, I once received a nasty anonymous note from someone who claimed I was starving him and they were planning to call the Humane Society. I was blown away that this could happen to me; Moe was slightly thinner than he should have been, but his hay feeder was overstuffed and his enormous grain ration was written on a feeding chart on his stall. I didn’t receive a visit from the police or the Humane Society, but since then I’ve been hyper-aware of my horses’ condition and how it might appear to others. Abuse and neglect are real problems, but it’s important that the non-equestrian set understands the difference.

THREE Red Cell Competition supplement


I received this supplement in a monthly box from A Horse Box and fed it to Gina, doubting it would make much difference. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at what a difference it’s made in how she looks and feels. She definitely fatigues less quickly. It isn’t cheap, but it works!

FOUR Out Behind the Barn

The Bitter Southerner takes a look at horse racing’s backside operations in an interesting and elegant photo essay.

FIVE  Ovation Fashionista Belt


love these belts. They’re soft, the buckle is fun, and they come in such fun colors. I’m pretty sure the teal belt matches my teal gloves, so obviously, I need it.

Y’all keep your fingers crossed it doesn’t rain too much tomorrow.

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