Friday Five



It’s raining again, which means my brief reprieve where I got to ride outside in the sun is over. It’s supposed to be sunny on Sunday and Monday, so maybe Oklahoma will dry out some day! Here’s what’s on my radar this week.

ONE Schockemöhle’s new crocodile line



I swear this is real; I got an email about it earlier this week. For the dressage crowd, not only are the snaffle and double bridles are available, but there’s also stirrup leathers and a girth. But never fear, hunters/jumpers/eventers/black leather haters: there’s a bridle and running martingale available in brown. These things are going to be available from mid-July on; I am dying to see one in person.

TWO F.O.A.L.’s fall schooling tights


F.O.A.L. is Arista’s new-ish line aimed at the 16-24 hunter/jumper market is full of fun, trendy stuff. I’m not sure what it says about me that I’m totally into these wild tights for Fall 2015.

THREE Does the Punishment Suit the Crime?

Holly Hugo-Vidal takes a look at what appropriate discipline is for various disobediences. Always a good read.

FOUR Dressage Mysteries Solved

Dressage is mysterious, but Jane Savoie breaks it down into baby, baby steps. Even though I feel like I have a pretty solid grip on the basics, I always like reading articles like this for a fresh perspective or improving technique.

Five Run the Jewels fall tour

Run the Jewels 2 has been in our living room stereo for months; now we can see RTJ live! The fall tour makes a stop in Tulsa and y’all know we bought tickets first thing this morning.

What have y’all been checking out this week?

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