Friday Five


It’s dried up enough for hay to be cut, which means I have free rein in the hay meadow (at least until the second crop grows in). I’m thrilled about this, because I can stop hacking down the road for conditioning! Anyway, here’s what’s on my radar this week:

ONE USG Rosalie breeches

Earlier this week, Austen¬†posted a picture my Facebook timeline of some glorious floral breeches she found at The Surrey. I thought they looked vaguely familiar; lo and behold, they’re very similar to USG’s Rosalie breeches. Which means they are basically perfect and not like anyone’s grandmother’s curtains¬†at all.

TWO Look Away, Dixie Land

I grew up in the South, where the Confederate flag was regularly emblazoned on trucks and t-shirts, and many of my classmates could claim a direct ancestor who’d fought in the Civil War. When my family moved to Tennessee, I was six. I didn’t understand why some kids called me “Yankee” with a derisive sneer; pointing out that the Civil War had been over for a hundred years got me nowhere. To them, the War of Northern Aggression may as well have happened yesterday. This essay from Errin Whack on Bitter Southerner¬†discusses how the Confederate flag has come to represent hate and racism in America, and I think it perfectly captures why it’s time to let go of this symbol.

THREE Marriage equality

I was so pleased to hear the Supreme Court has ruled same-sex marriage is legal nationwide! I have never understood why it was such a divisive issue in the first place, and I am glad that people in all states will be able to marry the person they love.

FOUR Waffles



I’d forgotten that Johnny had registered for a waffle iron on our Amazon wedding registry until one showed up at our house earlier this week. (Thanks, Moto & Bob!) I’d also forgotten how much I like waffles. This thing is amazing- super easy to use, super easy to clean, and it turns out a lovely waffle in maybe 2 minutes. Thus far, we’ve made waffle brownies, banana waffles, and chocolate chip chocolate waffles. Next on the list? Peanut butter chocolate waffles.

Five GoFundMe for Lauren of She Moved to Texas

Tracy at Fly on Over has set up a GoFundMe account for Lauren of She Moved to Texas; funds raised will be used to purchase several weeks of prepared meal delivery as well as riding lessons and board costs for Simon. Lauren is an incredibly kind and fun person who is currently dealing with the loss of her husband, an unimaginable tragedy for most of us. If you’re able to make a donation, please do.

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