Friday Five: Devon Edition


Only three more days of Dressage a Devon, then it’s off to Region 9 Championships (Texas contingent, let’s meet up)! There’s a lot going on this week, but this is what’s been on my radar:

ONE BYOB restaurants

I live in Oklahoma, a state with draconian liquor laws, so when we tried to order beer at a Thai place here in Devon, I was totally confused when the waitress told us the restaurant was BYOB! Bring-your-own-bottle restaurants are definitely not A Thing in places I’ve lived (Tennessee, Kansas, and Oklahoma), but after a run to The Beeryard to get the beverage of my choice, I’m kind of into it. Is this something your state has?


I met Alli, half of PONY’TUDE! She came down to the show Thursday morning, ostensibly for work.  She graciously allowed me to subject her to playing dress-up in all sorts of breeches and coats before regaling me with entertaining stories of her trail riding adventures. (She is a hardcore trail rider!)  Alli is incredibly nice, very funny, and somewhat taller than I expected (I mean, she does ride a pony)- if you have the chance to meet up with her, DO IT!

THREE Königs field boots


This is definitely a sign that I’ve been hanging out on the dressage trailer too much: a pair of custom Königs field boots are starting to look more and more appealing. It’s not that I don’t like my Ariats- I do! (I especially like the price.) But when I see all the fun options for these boots and think about having a pair that fits perfectly and getting them for my sort of okay employee discount…

FOUR Rocking E Cowgirl t-shirts

Allie over at Rocking E Cowgirl has some majorly cute tees for sale! How could I not want one, especially when I’ll be sporting something from a fellow Okie?

FIVE Boyd Martin


Late in the afternoon yesterday, Boyd Martin popped into work’s Devon booth to say hello to my boss. I promptly choked on the water I was drinking, staring at him agape for a moment until I got myself together enough to not asphyxiate. He was chatting with my boss about totally normal things- the dressage boots he bought a couple of years ago, his baby, the Rio Olympics. I managed to hold it together when my boss introduced me and only blurted “CAN I GET A PICTURE WITH YOU?” after I acted like a normal human being.

What are you up to this weekend?

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11 thoughts on “Friday Five: Devon Edition”

  1. It’s SO COOL you got to meet Boyd, he’s one of the nicest people ever! He’s such a laid-back and funny guy, definitely not the stereotypical I’m-an-Olympic-eventer-so-I’m-obviously-better-than-you persona 😉

  2. LMAO, I met boyd this year at Rolex and I did the same. I think I tried to speak to him but mostly just stood next to him smiling like a freak. I love him.

    I’ve never been to Devon but I am enjoying your FB posts! Also, those boots…holy swoon. Also also, my state (ohio) I’v never heard of BYOB either but in MO we used to be able to buy alcoholic smoothies and take them to go (much different than the open container laws I’m used to here in OH, my home state). I always thought it was SO weird that it was legal to drink in the car (as long as you weren’t the driver of course) and not get in trouble for it!

  3. I had SO MUCH FUN playing dress-up with you (and your gifted boss OMG) and was so sad to leave! WHYYYYY do you have to live so far away?! It just ain’t fair! We need to have trail/hunting adventures together while looking smashing in hot pink breeches!

  4. I was blown away in New Jersey with this idea. But I kind of like it- you are not limited by the selection at the restaurant. Of course it helps to know this in advance and be prepared….

  5. I have to comment on all of it….
    1. There are some BYOB places around here in CT, but most often it’s temporary until the liquor license is obtained. The exception to that is the seasonal lobster shacks. They stay BYOB year after year.
    2. Yay for unexpected Blogger meet up! I’m a little jealous of the fashion show!
    3. Do it. And then show us.
    4. I love how easy it is to get shirts made now. I wish I was creative because I wanna make shirts!
    5. SO AWESOME! I’m proud of you for acting like a normal person in front of him. Nicely done!

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