Friday Five

Confession: I haven’t ridden either horse all week. I have been feeling super tired in the mornings and couldn’t force myself out of my cozy bed at 5:00 AM to brave the cold temperatures at the barn. It’s supposed to be warm (60s!) and sunny this weekend, so y’all know I’m going to go hack The G after we run some wedding-related errands!

Here’s what’s on my radar this week.

ONE The Athletic Rider Fit Club

If you’re a Horse Nation reader, you’ve probably read one of Leah Hinnefeld’s Athletic Rider posts. They’re full of helpful tips about fitness that are especially relevant to equestrians. Leah also runs a Facebook group, The Athletic Rider Fit Club. I joined a couple of months ago, but I’ve been involved this month. It’s a great group: there are very short daily workouts posted, everyone’s supportive and encouraging, and it’s full of great resources on exercise, nutrition, and general health. I use it as a sort of online accountability group. Bonus: No one’s trying to sell you anything, and I have yet to see a judgmental, bitchy comment.

TWO Yoga With Adriene

Locally, my options for yoga are pretty limited. I can go to the local rec center for a 5:30 AM class. (That’s a good joke!) Or I can drive half an hour to a class in Tulsa. Neither of those is great, but I’d like to start doing some basic yoga once or twice a week to increase my strength and flexibility. (And calm my mind.) My former go-to was Yoga Zone, which was previously available on Hulu. It’s no longer online, so I’ve been searching for a new video series. I really like Yoga With Adriene. I’ve been doing the 30 Days of Yoga series, which is fine for a yoga newb like me. Adriene moves at a beginner’s pace, takes time to explain what she’s doing, offers modifications, and encourages you to do what’s comfortable. Am I breathing correctly? Probably not, but I’ve enjoyed the focus and the stretching.

THREE Kerrits Spring/Summer Collection

I am so excited for the tack store’s Kerrits order to be shipped. Mostly so I can spend half a paycheck buying myself things I don’t really need. Kerrits has so many fun colors and patterns this year- I’m thrilled! I’m especially excited to get some color in the store- it seems like the only thing anyone in the area wants to buy is black tights for schooling! I’m hoping the infusion of colors and patterns will be a hit.
Lucky Braids for Top Turnout is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands for grooming products. Ruthann, the company’s founder and owner, is an extremely nice woman and an extremely good braider. I’ve loved the products I’ve used, but I also love the variety of grooming tips on her website. They range from how to get big, full tails to techniques for bathing faces. Totally awesome.
Short and sweet, these 13 tips for improving your dressage test are great! From the obvious (‘Show at an appropriate level- don’t attempt more than you and your horse are capable of”) to the “I never thought about it that way” (‘Understand each test’s purpose and requirements so that you can demonstrate these to the judge’), these are things you can apply pretty easily!
What have y’all been checking out this week?

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    1. You SHOULD! Our Kerrits rep brought that coat with her when she visited to take our order for spring. It seemed well made and fit our accounting lady (who has a large chest) well. It was also priced well!

      Horze has a softshell show coat that is very, very nice. I know it will be available for Fall 2015, but I'm not sure if it will be for sale any sooner than that. I tried it on when our reps were here a couple of weeks ago and thought it was very slimming and well fitted. It has a zipper up the front, which totally eliminated the very-annoying button gaping. I totally put myself down for one- maybe it'll be here sooner than September!!

  1. That fitness group sounds fun, maybe when things settle down with flat furnishing drama & I'm all moved in i might remember this post and be able to check out the awesomeness

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