Friday Five

It’s almost the weekend, y’all! Here in Oklahoma, it’s going to rain, which is totally lame, because that means I’ll be dressaging this weekend. Ugh. I mean, hooray for leg yields!
Here’s what’s on my radar:
How cool is this?! This free online tool allows you to create a font from your handwriting. All you need is a printer, a Sharpie (or a felt tip pen), and a scanner. It seriously takes maybe 5 minutes. I am obsessed with fonts (and am eternally grateful to my boss, who lets me download whatever fonts I’d like to my work computer) and having one of my own writing is super neat. 
I am sooo into loud breeches. Like, if Lilly Pulitzer made breeches, I would buy them. I love this mint green/grey combo from USG. I mean, I know Annie’s is kind of the standard for bright breeches, but the USGs go up to a size 34 and I can take advantage of my work discount!
I like to keep my nails painted for a variety of reasons: it hides the dirt I inevitably get under them when I ride before work, I can add even more bright colors to my person, and it prevents me from biting my nails. (I don’t do that very often anyway, but this is a further deterrent.) I am a big fan of Essie polishes, but they were just not holding up to the wear and tear of an equestrian lifestyle. Johnny lost a bet a couple months back and owes me 10 nail polishes; on a whim, I decided to try the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish. It is fantastic! It’s a two-step process: first, you apply a couple of coats of color to your nails, letting it dry between applications. Then you apply the Miracle Gel top coat. That’s it. No UV light required! I didn’t even use natural light the first time I applied it- I painted my nails while watching basketball and let them dry before bed. They turned out just fine and were chip-free for 5 days, which is a new record. 
This article from Practical Horseman is great; Johnny and I frequently discuss moving into a more rural area (so, you know, pretty much anywhere in Oklahoma) and developing a property so the horses can live with us. This article goes in-depth to discuss what you should look for in a potential barn site, what materials to use, and even sizing for aisles and stalls. While poor Johnny may be too freaked out by the cost of building our own facility to ever do it, I like daydreaming about the possibilities!
I ordered a new pair of Ariats a couple of weeks ago; they came in this week. I couldn’t be happier! I am longtime fan of Ariat boots- when I was a youngster, my very first pair of field boots were used Ariats from the local tack store. When I was about 15, my parents bought me a brand new pair for my birthday. (I still have those boots and still wear them when I can get them over my calves!) About five years ago, I bought a new pair of Treadstone boots because they were wide enough to fit my legs. They’ve been the absolute worst pair of boots- I’ve had the zippers replaced (twice in one boot!), had them resoled, and had parts of them restitched. When Ariat started making the extra-wide calf, I knew I had to get a pair. I am thrilled to report they fit over my 17.5″ calves (and I tried them on at the end of the day!) and are just as comfortable and beautiful as my old boots- and with the convenience of a zipper! Now I just need a pair in brown…

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  1. 1.) OMG that font thing is seriously SO COOL!
    2.) Always wondered if that Miracle Gel polish actually worked. Might have to try it out myself.
    3.) You know how I feel about those Ariat boots 😉 I had been going back and forth about ordering them since I've heard bad things about Ariat zippers, but they were the only boots that I could find to fit over my 17" calves, and if someone that works at a tack store loves them, then that's good enough for me!

    1. Get the gel polish. You will like the gel polish!

      I'll keep you updated on how the zippers hold up- they seem pretty heavy duty and zip easily. My boot repair guy gave me a tip for sticky zippers- just rub a little bit of wax up and down each side and they'll slide better! I popped a disc of wax out of a burned out jar candle and it works perfectly!

  2. oooh those USGs are great! Annie's full seat breeches did not work for me AT ALL (knee patch could be a different story… but i'm not sure i even want to try haha) – so maybe the USGs could help me get my loud fix haha

  3. Hehe…that article is like a checklist for everything we did "wrong" with building our barn. I think that article also assumes a lot in how you care for your horse too.

    1. I think you are absolutely correct in that it assumes you'll care for your horses a certain way- it spends a lot of time talking about stalls, which is irrelevant if you aren't a person who stalls your horses! (Or only stalls them if they're ill or injured, etc.)

  4. I ordered those boots in brown x-wide and am eagerly waiting their arrival!! Although since they are special order/back ordered currently it sounds like I may be waiting a few more weeks 🙁

  5. Your icon is so happy and I've seen you comment on other posts which is why I landed up on your blog. This post is a 100% yes and you are my new favorite person. I relate to everything

  6. I have been day dreaming about the Ariat Heritage Contour field boots in brown since L. Williams reviewed her Ariats a few months back. I splurged on the Tredstep Ireland Raphael dress boots over the Xmas sales period for 1/2 price and love them…keeping my eye out for a bargain on the Ariats though. Saw them on a stand at Equitana at the weekend – my first time seeing them in person…my friend and I were in love and had to walk away quickly for fear of bringing pairs home when we were on super tight budgets!

    PS – nail varnish sounds awesome! I might have to see if i can find that brand here. I am in no way cosmetically inclined so shall get my investigation on 😉

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