Friday Five

First of all, thank y’all for chiming in with your thoughts on this week’s Wedding Wednesday post. I really enjoyed reading the responses!
In other news, it’s the weekend, y’all! Rejoicing! I’m headed to the Oklahoma Dressage Society’s annual general meeting tomorrow, doing my taxes on Sunday, and hopefully finding time to ride. 
Here’s what’s been on my radar this week.

After reading good reviews of Aztec Diamond breeches from The $900 Facebook Pony, I decided to splurge on their leggings and socks during their after-Christmas sale. They arrived a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been rigorously wearing the leggings. They’re a good thickness- not so thin they’re see-through, and thick enough to feel supportive and slimming. I’ve used them for jogging, riding, strength training, and yoga (and lounging around my house). My only qualm is the tag, which is sewn on the back. Every now and then, it rubs something terrible. Other than that, these things are excellent.

TWO Horse Trader Tricks

Dedicated to exposing the tricks often used by horse traders to move unsound/ill/unsuitable animals, this site is full of practical advice and real-life examples. I spent at least an hour yesterday reading through the “Trader Horror Stories” section; many of the stories are heartbreaking and you can’t help but feel sad for both the people and horses. They serve as excellent cautionary tales, though- horses are an incredibly emotional subject for many of us, and this site is a good reminder to stay objective while horse shopping.

THREE Basic Physics’ Nightlife in the Northwoods

This album came out in 2011, which is when I downloaded it. I promptly forgot about it, but in my recent quest to find music for jogging, I rediscovered it. It’s 15 tracks of mashups (which I’m a sucker for) that are pretty awesome. The tempo is fairly slow, so all you hardcore runners out there might not enjoy it, but it’s perfect for me.
A few weeks ago, Amanda of Bel Joeor posted a link to the excellent Ask A Manager blog. I immediately subscribed, and I’m glad I did. The advice is spot-on and covers all kinds of situations- from how to get money an employer owes you to interview tips. This week, the blog addressed how to handle your boss thinking he’s a Mayan shaman! So helpful. And hilarious.
Dressage Today has an excellent article on exercises to help the off the track horse become a successful dressage mount. There’s advice for fresh-off-the-track horses, as well as for horses that are somewhat further along in their training. The exercises are helpful for everyone- not just dressage riders!
What are y’all checking out this week? 

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  1. nice! i saw that horse trader tricks link too – just made me kinda sad tho… and now clicking over to the 'dressage exercises' lol thanks!

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