Friday Five

Happy Friday, y’all! This week has been full of wedding meetings and endless emails; I’ll be glad when this is over! 

Here’s what’s on my radar.

ONE Intentional Living

Johnny and I had a short pre-martial counseling session this week with our officiant so we could get our marriage license for $5 instead of $50. It was a great experience; one of the things that came up throughout the session was the concept of living with intention. The idea of doing things with a purpose and consciouslly making decisions really struck a chord with me. For example, when I snooze my alarm and wake up too late to go ride before work, is that something I’m choosing to do, or something I’m letting happen to me? I’m excited to work harder to make intentional choices.

TWO Live streaming of Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event on USEF Network

Competing at Rolex is one of my life goals, and I love watching it. I’m so happy USEF Network is streaming it- I’m hoping my internet connection on the mobile unit tomorrow is good enough to watch cross country!

THREE Horze Kiana full seat breeches

In my quest to be the tackiest person at schooling dressage shows, I’m always looking for a wild pair of full seat breeches in my size and price range. Horze has some good options. New colors for their Kiana breech include this green/navy combo and a white/brown option. I’m considering the green/navy combination, as I have a navy dressage pad, but I’m a litte concerned about just how large this pattern might make my already large thighs look.
Poor, neglected Moe Moe needs a new bridle- his cob-sized cheapie from SmartPak has finally stretched out to the point that I can’t punch any more holes in it. Moe has almost always gone in a plain cavesson for all work; he goes in a figure-8 when he’s feeling very rambunctious for cross country or other jump work. I’ve been curious about how he would do in a drop noseband in dressage. This article from Sustainable Dressage is an interesting, in-depth look at different types of nosebands and their effects.
Although I’m not a hunter, equitation or jumper rider, I found this look into what’s appropriate for those rings from Equestrian Coach fascinating. I liked how the emphasis was on looking neat, polished, and professional. Dressage and cross country attire are also addressed, but not nearly as thoroughly as hunter/jumper kit is.

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