Friday Five

Work is gearing up for the holidays pretty aggressively: not only do we have Black Friday and Small Business Saturday specials going, we’ve also planned a Cyber Monday sale, a 12 Days of Christmas campaign, and special in-store holiday shopping events. Guess who gets to make all the graphics and send all the emails and set up all the online sales? (Hint: it’s me.) It’s a little stressful, but I love being busy!

Here’s what’s been on my radar this week.
I know many of y’all are fans of One Horse Threads- I am, too! I have several of their shirts and wear them to work, the barn, and out in public all the time. These would make super gifts for all sorts of people- horsey and those who just enjoy horse-centric looks. You can save 30% and get free shipping with code HOLIDAY30 through Sunday! 
It’s no secret I love cooking; I love Williams-Sonoma for their high-quality kitchen supplies and regularly wander through their Tulsa store. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with their online recipes. I made a beef stew last week that was out of this world. The green bean casserole recipe from yesterday’s Thanksgiving feast was also from their site- it was a hit with everyone. Plus, the photography is stunning
Tracy of Fly On Over highlighted this group in her recent Favorite Equestrian Facebook Pages post. I joined it, and am now totally obsessed. Everyone is pleasant, there are so many new blogs to read, I can creep on some of y’all. 
This jacket…Ever since we got this in the store, I’ve had my eye on it. It’s less shiny in person and more of a soft brown-grey. And y’all…it is soft. Like, soft and squishy and perfect. We’ve sold all the jackets we received except for the extra-small, which is somewhere in the Fat Guy in a Little Coat range for me. I’m seriously considering ordering one for myself, even though I need another jacket like I need a hole in my head.
As the owner of two almost-elderly Thoroughbred (ages 19 and 17), I always kind of have my eye on younger prospects. Even though Moe and Gina are sound and reliable, I question how much I really want to push them as they age. I also enjoy the process of bringing greenies along. (In case you’re wondering, Freddie is still around and still getting time off.) Thoroughbred Athletes is my favorite OTTB non-profit in Oklahoma. It’s a huge mistake to follow them on Facebook, because they’re always posting pictures of cute TBs who are looking for homes. Can I sneak another horse to the barn without Johnny noticing? Thoroughbred Athletes makes me want to find out.
What are y’all into this week?

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