From the Horse’s Mouth Blog Hop: Grateful

I’ve been busy with work and doing non-horsey things for the last week or so (plus, the ponies were at the local dressage club’s junior rider camp)- thus the lack of posts. I think Emily at From the Horse’s Mouth has a great topic for her first blog hop: What are a few horse related things that you are super grateful for?

I am endlessly grateful for many horse related things.
Johnny, Supportive Un-horsey Significant Other

At Oktoberfest last weekend

Johnny is the most supportive, good-natured significant other I could ever hope to have. He’s said more than once “You seem a lot happier when you have horses; I like happy Stephanie!” Truer words have never been spoken. From day one, Johnny has supported the horse habit. He attended polo practice when I lived in Kansas, helped me buy Gina, and doesn’t mind when I spend all my free money on tack. (Or when I talk on and on and on about the ponies’ feed and its nutritional balance.)

Horse friends

Trail riding at the lake this summer with friends.

I can’t truly tell you how much I love my horse friends! They can relate to all my horsey woes, appreciate the smell of a new saddle, and understand my why finishing a jumping course on Gina is a Big. Deal. It’s great to have friends to ride with or to give you a second opinion on your horse or your riding. It’s also fun to have friends to go to shows with or haul out for trail rides! I’m grateful to have collected so many of them here in Oklahoma; it’s what’s finally made the Sooner State feel like home.

The storefront

Let me tell you, it’s pretty awesome to be employed after a lengthy stretch of unemployment. (Except for the whole having-less-time-to-ride thing.) But to be employed at a tack store? Where I get a sweet discount on everything I could possibly need or want? I have died and gone to heaven, y’all. It helps that the job is fun, low-key, and full of pleasant co-workers. 

Awesome trainer/friend
Anne and Atut

Now that we don’t board at the same barn, my sometimes-trainer/always-friend Anne and I don’t get to ride together much. That doesn’t mean I don’t hit her up for advice, though! I’m very grateful to have a friend who’s also a dressage guru and occasional jumping coach to ask when I’m having a problem with Gina’s canter or Moe’s bend or my wacky right arm. Anne is totally honest, totally awesome, and I can’t wait to get a regular lesson schedule happening with her again.

There are dozens of other things I’m grateful for too, like understanding parents, a great barn, Pony Club, and my sweet horses themselves. And I’m always glad for a reminder to take a deep breath and feel some gratitude for the amazing horsey things in life.

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