Gina Has Babies!

G’s former owners finally mailed her Jockey Club papers to the equestrian center last week; I received them Thursday and spent the remainder of the week puzzling over them. The papers certainly shed a bit of light on G’s past- she came to Oklahoma as a two year old in 1999. Over the next ten years she went through four owners before winding up at the program. 

The most curious thing to me about the papers was a stamp on the front bearing the words “International Sporthorse Registry/Oldenburg Registry NA”. A quick Google search turned up the official website of the organization, which maintains stallion and mare books and coordinates inspections and performance tests for sporthorses (like Oldenburgs, Hanoverians, Holsteiners, etc.). Apparently, G is registered in the ISR’s main mare book. Hmm. I figured this meant she definitely had some foals out there- why else take the time and money to register her?
I found an outdated website (we’re talking 2006) of the sporthorse ranch G had been sold to as a two year old; lo and behold, there’s my horse listed on the “Our Broodmares” page (she’s Kimberly K). And just look at that wittle bitty baby pony pony at her side! Awwww. 
After a little more clicking around, I found some pictures of G’s foals as four-year-olds. There’s Kassandra (the foal pictured above), a pretty chestnut mare with a big floaty trot (just like G!):
Just like mama!
I also found Koko, who is the spitting image of Gina. 
Exactly like mama.

Both of G’s daughters are by a gorgeous Oldenburg, Wradar. Weirdly, he lives about 5 miles away from me. 

It’s my belief that the sporthorse place was breeding G and Wradar to produce dressage horses. G has beautiful movement, and Wradar is some kind of super-champion who holds about a zillion titles. (Seriously…go check his page out.) I’d be curious to breed her to another Thoroughbred and see what comes out- maybe a super eventer!
It’s been fascinating looking into G’s past. I hope to uncover some more pieces to her puzzling life by researching information on subsequent owners, but this is a pretty rad start.

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