Gina’s BSE, Part 2

A few weeks ago I received word of the results of the second part of Gina’s breeding soundness exam. In addition to a physical examination of Gina’s reproductive organs, my vet also performed a uterine culture and cytology smear. The uterine culture determines if there are microorganisms present in their uterus. The cytology smear can detect if there’s an inflammatory process in the uterus.


The results weren’t ideal- Gina is growing some nasties in her vag. Her culture grew three different bacteria! This isn’t necessarily terrible, though. Gina will have to be ‘cleaned up’, as my vet delicately put it, before being inseminated. My vet advised treating this with antibiotics administered via uterine infusion for three days, then waiting a couple of weeks and collecting another sample to retest. If that comes back clean, Gina has the greenlight for insemination; if not, we’ll have to do some further investigation to find out why she’s got bacteria in her uterus. (There are a variety of possibilities for this, the most likely being that Gina’s labia have lost their elasticity over the years and are unable to seal tightly, allowing airborne contaminants into the reproductive tract. )

My vet is still basically optimistic that Gina can conceive and carry a foal to term. I’m eyeing late April or early May for breeding and hope insemination goes smoothly!

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32 thoughts on “Gina’s BSE, Part 2”

    1. You know, I think she’s basically okay with it. She was really pleasant for the vet exam, so I’m hoping she’ll continue to be pleasant and give birth to a nice pleasant foal that she will definitely not try to murder.

  1. I feel like maybe I know too much about your mare now. Like, we haven’t even had coffee and I know all about her ob/gyn visits.

    Fingers crossed!

  2. My broodmare has to be cleaned up after being open for two years. It’s really common. Don’t sweat it! I still think there’s going to be a beautiful mini-Gini on the way 😀

  3. lolz can we get another “DAMN Gina” up in here?!? seriously tho, hopefully the ‘clean up’ goes smoothly and she’s ready for the proverbial action soon!!

  4. I’m not a mare person…How exactly do you…uh…”clean her up?” Or is it not what I think it means? I didn’t realize you were going to breed! Who’s the lucky stud?

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