Gina’s White Hair

Gina’s summer coat has something weird going on: it appears to be roan.

Hair on Gina’s barrel.

As you can see, her coat is flecked with white hairs. It isn’t noticeable from a distance, but when you stand next to her, you can see it pretty clearly.

Now, whether or not Gina has always been this way is unknown to me. This year was the first time I’ve seen her summer coat. I don’t recall seeing white hairs in her winter coat in January, but I don’t know that I was really looking, either.

It seems entirely possible that Gina carries the sabino gene. Her maternal grandsire, Time To Explode was an usually colored stallion:

He’s by Explodent, who is also a sabino and is apparently known for siring colorful foals.

Makes me wonder if I should register Gina as Pinto breeding stock after all.

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